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Episode 159 (01/26/2019) – Featuring Stephen D’Angelo (dck worldwide)

Master of the Turnaround: How Stephen D’Angelo Turned dck worldwide Into a Billion Dollar Company

In the early 2000′s, Dick Corp. had been flourishing for years and by that point, enjoying a period of very rapid growth. But as is the case with any rapid growth in business, with that growth came a myriad of challenges, both internal and external.

Internally, the perpetual question of “How do we manage this growth?” was front and center on the minds of management. But the struggles the company had were due primarily to external circumstances, such as the downtown of the power and banking industries

Stephen D’Angelo, who had been running his own consulting firm, was brought aboard to become Dick’s Chief Restructuring Officer. He brought with him a no-nonsense, back to basics approach that wasn’t pretty, and definitely ruffled feathers along the way, but was most certainly a proven one. One that was centered around basic tenets of any successful business ofany size: managing cash flow, hiring top talent (or recognizing and retaining that which WAS working for a company you intend to turn around), and being direct as possible, with no sugercoating (not the easiest task, but the most necessary, and one that requires everyone from the top down to be all-in, thanks to a clear communication of goals, and measurable, manageable expectations).

Over the years, Dick Corp evolved into dck worldwide and 15 years later, under Stephen’s leadership as its current Chairman, President and CEO, the company has grown into a truly global powerhouse, all the while maintaining its presence where it all began, in Western Pennsylvania.

Today, dck worldwide is much more than a general contractor. The company is a total building solutions provider, with the capability to provide capital solutions and funding for development projects, pre-construction and procurement service expertise, design and leading-edge building information modeling, and everything else you would expect from a contractor that successfully turns its clients’ blueprints and visons into reality.

On this edition of The Raja Show, Stephen joins Raja to discuss where dck worldwide stands today, 15 years later, and what he has done to position the company as a standard bearer in the construction industry across the globe. Even though the company is now international, the basis of dck worldwide’s corporate culture and success remains grounded in the strong work-ethic born in Pittsburgh.

Listen to Raja’s interview with Stephen here

Past Shows

Episode 158 (01/19/19) – Featuring Dr. Christopher Howard (Robert Morris University)

Game Changer:  How Dr. Christopher Howard Is Making A Difference At Robert Morris University


“The Robert Morris University of the Northeast”
That is how RMU President Chris Howard often … Read the rest>

Episode 157 (01/05/19) – Featuring Rocky Bleier

Rocky Bleier Fights Back…Again….Why the Game and the Battle Will NEVER Be Over for The War Hero-Turned-Steeler Legend

Anybody who has listened to “The Raja Show” for any length of … Read the rest>

Episode 156 (12/29/18) – Featuring David Barensfeld

Staying the Course:  How David Barensfeld Grew The Annual Sales of The Ellwood Group from $25 Million in 1983 To $1 Billion Today


In 1910, brothers David and Jonathan

Read the rest>

Episode 155 (12/22/18) – Featuring Chris Heck

Taking Flight:  What Chris Heck Is Doing To Harness the Full Economic Potential of the Pittsburgh Airport Corridor


When the new Pittsburgh International Airport opened to rave industry and

Read the rest>

Episode 154 (12/01/18) – Featuring Dan Rossi

Emotional Rescue: Dan Rossi And The Merger That Made Too Much Sense NOT To Do



In just about any for-profit business, nothing stokes the burning desire to succeed … Read the rest>

Episode 153 (11/24/2018) – Featuring Regis McKenna

Technology and Marketing History Personified:  A Conversation With the Man Who Helped Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Countless Others Bring Their Products To Market

“Skate To Where the Puck Is … Read the rest>

Episode 152 (11/17/2018) – Featuring Lance Shaner

When the Hard Work of One Becomes the Opportunity For Many: The Story of Lance Shaner and Shaner Hotels

Listen to The Raja Show for just a few minutes, and … Read the rest>

Episode 151 (11/10/2018) – Featuring John Walsh (Bethel Bakery)

Sweetness:  How John Walsh Took “Just a Bakery” And Made It Into A Local Institution….And Beyond
When you consider some of the lasting business institutions in the Western Pennsylvania region … Read the rest>

Episode 150 (11/03/2018) – Featuring Douglas Lee & Stacey Brodak (Waynesburg University)

Social Responsibility:  How Waynesburg University and Chevron Are Redefining the Relationship Between College and “The Real World” For The Greater Good

For generations, it seemed the role of colleges … Read the rest>

Episode 149 (10/20/2018) – Featuring Robb Myer (NoWait)

The Day When “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” Was Actually Useful

It is said that many of the best business ideas are often derived from a simple need.… Read the rest>

Episode 148 (10/06/2018) – Featuring John Henne (Henne Jewlers)

Four Generations…..130 Years….And Counting:  How John Henne’s Business Remains the Crown Jewel of Its Field
For those who have experienced “The Big Day”, there is perhaps no more everlasting … Read the rest>

Episode 147 (9/30/18) – Featuring Ray Betler (Wabtec)

Edison…..Westinghouse…..Betler:  The 150-Year (And Counting) Evolution of Industry, and Leadership

When you read the headlines in 2018 about significant mergers (and potential mergers) in the world of business, you’re … Read the rest>

Episode 146 (9/15/18) – Featuring Dave Wilke (WIlke and Associates CPA) and David Taylor (Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association)

What Do President Trump’s Tax Cuts Mean For The Manufacturing Industry, And For You?


When President Trump signed off on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, it … Read the rest>

Episode 145 (9/1/2018) – RAJA’S BACK w/ Bob Brooks

On Saturday, September 1,  “The Raja Show” returned to the airwaves, bringing more of the great discussion on business, education and leadership that have served the region for years, and … Read the rest>

Episode 144 – Featuring Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner

This Week, Raja Talks With a Successful Businessman Who Defied the Experts and Beat the Establishment In Order To Succeed In the Political Arena. 

(OK….maybe not THAT one….)

Ever … Read the rest>

Episode 143 – Featuring Alan Robertson (Pittsburgh Business Times) & Varol Ablak (Vocelli Pizza)

How the Print Industry Has Adapted To Changes In the Marketplace, Plus a Conversation With A Master Franchisor About the Latest Franchise Under His Belt

This week, “The Raja Read the rest>

Episode 142 – Raja talks with Dr. Alan Russell and Dr. Srinivasan Suresh

Rolling Stone Magazine Said He Is Changing America….But Dr. Alan Russell Is Just Doing His Job:  What Is He Doing To Reshape Our Views On Medicine?

This week, “The … Read the rest>

Episode 141 – Featuring Dr. John Mahoney and Pete DeComo

Innovation and Medicine:   An Inside Look At Pittsburgh’s OTHER Confluence

For decades, the City of Pittsburgh has long been recognized as one of the American bastions of medicine and … Read the rest>

Episode 140 – Featuring Bob Hurley and Charlie Batch

What Does It Take To Drive the Economy of an Entire County to “Victory”?  Bob Hurley Has the Answers!

Mention the name “Bob Hurley” to anybody outside of Allegheny … Read the rest>

Episode 139 – Featuring Jorgen Pedersen (RE2) and Josh Knauer (Rhiza)

Honoring the Best in Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation:  Looking Back at the Carnegie Science Awards

For decades, the Western Pennsylvania region has been known as a hub for scientific … Read the rest>

Episode 138 – Featuring A Look At Raja’s Commencement Speech At Waynesburg University

“What’s Important In Life?”:  Looking Back At Raja’s Commencement Address At Waynesburg University

Last Sunday, May 1, was a banner day in the storied career of Raja, as the Read the rest>

Episode 138 – Featuring Rebecca Harris (Chatham University) and Silicon Valley Marketing Guru Regis McKenna

Examining the State of Women-Owned Business in Western Pennsylvania, Plus One Silicon Valley Icon With Pittsburgh Roots Remembers Another

As entrepreneurship continues to lead the way in revivifying the … Read the rest>

Episode 137 – Featuring the Students of Propel Schools

The Future Is Now:  An Inside Look At the Award Winning Young Business Minds of Propel Schools

So what were YOU doing for fun in middle school?

Maybe you … Read the rest>

Episode 136 – Featuring Dave Spigelmyer (Marcellus Shale Coalition) & Jim Futrell (Pittsburgh Regional Alliance)

More Capital Is Being Invested Into Pittsburgh Business Than Ever Before!  Who’s Getting It…..Who’s Giving It….and Why?

We here at “The Raja Show” aren’t really big into breaking news … Read the rest>

Episode 135 – Featuring Richard D’Aveni (Dartmouth College)

Innovate Or Die!:  Dartmouth Professor Richard D’Aveni Gives His Ultimatum To The Country….and Your Business!

For years, Richard D’Aveni, the Bakala Professor of Strategy at the Tuck School … Read the rest>

Episode 134 – Featuring Ed Black (Computer and Communications Industry Association)

Battle Lines Drawn:  What the Furor Over the San Bernardino Shooter’s IPhone Means For You

At first glance, the headlines read like the card from a boxing pay-per-view event, … Read the rest>

Episode 133 – Featuring Dave WIlke (Wilke and Associates CPA)

Making Taxes Less Taxing:   How Listening to Dave Wilke’s Advice Will Help You Get Ready For April 18th

(Yes.  April 18th….the official deadline to file last year’s federal … Read the rest>

Episode 132 – Featuring Matt Brouillette (The Commonwealth Foundation)

Anatomy Of A Budget:  Why Business Should Be the Benchmark For Government To Attain When It Comes To Laying Out the Fiscal Playbook


Few, if any, of us, … Read the rest>

Episode 131 – Featuring A Look At the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania

Investing in a Cure:  How the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Business Approach Has (Literally) Helped Save Lives

Over the past few decades, medical charities supporting everything from cancer research to … Read the rest>

Episode 130 – Featuring Rita McGrath (Columbia University)

Want Your Company To Return To Its Entrepreneurial Roots?  Columbia University Professor Rita McGrath Says It’s All Mental!





Home Depot.

We all know the names … Read the rest>

Episode 129 – Featuring Joseph Jaffe (Jaffe Juice, Evol8tion)

Want To Re-Engergize Your Company’s Approach To Marketing and Promotion? According to Joseph Jaffe, All It Takes Is a Little “Juice”!

If Joseph Jaffe had his way, no night … Read the rest>

Episode 128 – Featuring “The Digital Answer Man” Jim Barry (Consumer Technology Association)

For Techies Throughout the U.S., The Future Is NOW!: An Inside Look At the Consumer Electronics Show, and What the Neat New Gadgetry Actually Means For the Companies That Release Read the rest>

Episode 127 – Featuring Professor Richard Krause & Megan Bayles (Waynesburg University)

Your Public Awaits! (…So What Do You Tell Them?):  Why An Effective Public Relations Strategy Is More Important Now Than Ever Before!

Here at The Raja Show, we … Read the rest>

Episode 126 – Featuring Corinne Clinch (Rorus) and Srinith Vaddepally (Ristcall)

Their Future Is Now: An Inside Look At Two of The Rising Stars of Western Pennsylvania’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

-On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja profiles the … Read the rest>

Episode 125 – Featuring John Paul DeJoria (Paul Mitchell Hair Products; Patron Spirits)

Paul Mitchell Hair Products.   Patron Spirits.  With Two Billion Dollar Startups Under His Belt, What Is John Paul DeJoria Doing To Go For the Hat Trick?

“You’ll never succeed … Read the rest>

Episode 124 – Featuring Sunil Wadhwani (IGATE & SWAT Capital)

He Was I.T. When I.T. Wasn’t Cool:   How IGATE Founder Sunil Wadhwani’s Gamble of a Lifetime Paid Off, and What’s He’s Doing To Foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation In Western Pennsylvania Read the rest>

Episode 123 – Featuring Peter Marsh (“The New Industrial Revolution”)

Take A Bow For the New Revolution:  If Peter Marsh Had His Way, Manufacturing (And the “Three C’s”) Will Lead the U.S. and the “Old Economies” Back to Global Economic Read the rest>

Episode 122 – Featuring Gordon Logan (Founder – Sport Clips)

A Cut Above: How Sport Clips Founder Gordon Logan’s Attention To An Overlooked Market Share Spurred One of the Country’s Top Franchises

It stands to reason that when you … Read the rest>

Episode 121 – Featuring Terry Jones (Founder – &

For Terry Jones, The Man Who Revolutionized the Travel Industry, The Road To Success For YOUR Business Lies In Just One Word:  Innovate!

If you’re old enough to remember … Read the rest>

Episode 120 – Featuring a Preview of TEDxYouth@Shadyside

You Say You Want A Revolution:  An Inside Look At What It Takes To Prepare a City For the Future, and the Enterprising High School Student Making It Happen
_____________________________________________________________________… Read the rest>

Episode 119 – Featuring Congressman Keith Rothfus (R – Pennsylvania)

Ryan’s Rules:  What Impact Will the New Speaker of the House Have on The Future of American Business and the Economy?  Congressman Keith Rothfus Joins Us For An Inside Look  Read the rest>

Episode 118 – Featuring Senator Pat Toomey (R – PA)

Given the Tumult With Our Present and Future Leadership in Our Nation’s Capital, What Are Our Current Leaders Doing To Keep Individuals and Businesses Afloat in the U.S.?  Raja Goes Read the rest>

Episode 117 – Featuring Pennsylvania State Senator Joe Scarnati

As Trump and Fiorina Continue To Dominate the Headlines, It’s Time To Ask:  Can Business Success REALLY Translate To the Political Arena?  We Talk To A Leader Who Has Made Read the rest>

Episode 116 – Featuring Timothy Thyreen (Waynesburg University)

Character Counts:  How Timothy Thyreen Has Redefined the Purpose of a College Education Beyond the Mere Byproduct of a “Diploma Mill”

When considering what a college education means in … Read the rest>

Episode 115 – Featuring Jim Shorkey (Shorkey Auto Group/ Results From Thinking)

Driven To Succeed:  How Jim Shorkey Built and Grew His Automotive Industry Empire, And Why Veering Off Course Was All Part of His Master Plan

In just over a … Read the rest>

Episode 114 – Featuring Silicon Valley Marketing Guru Regis McKenna

With “Christmas For Geeks” In the Rear View Mirror, How Does America’s Largest Tech Giant Measure Up With Its Newest Rollout?  Silicon Valley Marketing Guru Regis McKenna Was at Apple Read the rest>

Episode 113 – Featuring Jack Stack (SRC Holdings/ “The Great Game of Business”)

Time To Play The “Game”:  When Jack Stack Opened His Books, He Bridged the Gap Between Employee and Manager, Changed the Way Businesses Operate, and Established Himself As a National Read the rest>

Episode 112 – Featuring Rob Wynne (Wynne PR) and Joel Dvoskin (Threat Assessment Group)

Don’t Think Keeping Up With Current Events Can Help YOU As An Entrepreneur?  Think Again!

On this  edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja examines a pair of stories … Read the rest>

Episode 111 – Featuring Steve Forbes (Forbes Media)

On This Show, We Feature One of America’s Top Minds In Business, Economics and Policy (……and He’s Talking With Steve Forbes)

All kidding aside, Raja and the staff of “The Read the rest>

Episode 110 – Featuring A Look At the Mobile Food Industry

Eats, Treats, and Sweets on the Street?……Neat! – A Look At the Burgeoning Mobile Food Industry, and What it Means For the “Traditional” Restaurant Business

“What’s for dinner?”

It’s … Read the rest>

Episode 109 – Featuring Charlie Batch (Best of the Batch Foundation)

11,000 Passing Yards…..60 Touchdowns……..2 Super Bowl Rings……1 Successful Entrepreneurial Venture:   A Look At the Evolution of Charlie Batch, From Locker Room To Boardroom

Domestic Abuse

Performance Enhancing Drugs

“Deflategate”Read the rest>

Episode 108 (Featuring Ray Zabourney – Maverick Strategies)

Is the World Getting Flatter?    Raja Shares Observations From His Trip Overseas, And What It Means For the U.S.

Many business and leadership experts point to Thomas Friedman’s landmark 2005 … Read the rest>

Episode 107 – Featuring a Look at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Entrepreneurship is Its Own Reward….But Sometimes, It’s Nice To Be Recognized: Inside The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

“To Follow My Passion”

“To Create Jobs and Make a Difference … Read the rest>

Episode 106 – Featuring Michael Casey (Wall Street Journal)

From Greece to Grads:  How Debt Impacts the World in Which We Live

Taking a look at the international headlines is not something on the forefront of the minds of … Read the rest>

Episode 105 – Featuring Matt Brouillette (Commonwealth Foundation)

High Cost…..High Reward?   Are American Colleges Worth the Price of Admission?

On this week’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja examines the true value of a college education.   With tuition … Read the rest>

Episode 104 – Dealing With Terrible Bosses and Co-Workers

From Horrible Bosses to Terrible Employees and Unbearable Co-Workers…..What Do You Do When The Workers Aren’t Working?

On last week’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja discussed the nature … Read the rest>

Episode 103 – A Discussion of Servant Leadership

“Horrible Bosses”:  Funny Movie, But Not So Funny When It Happens To You….What Do You Do? 

It’s often said that when an employee quits working for a company, he … Read the rest>

Episode 102 – Featuring Ari Weinzweig (Zingermans)

Customer Service With a “Zing”: Maximizing the Effectiveness of One of the Most Important Elements of Your Business

Pop quiz:

1.  What was the worst customer service you have ever … Read the rest>

Episode 101 – Featuring Kay Koplovitz (Founder – USA Network)

From Barriers Broken to “Characters Welcome”: How USA Network Founder Kay Koplovitz Raised the Bar For Cable Television

Next time you turn on the TV (or your laptop or mobile … Read the rest>

Episode 100 – Featuring Ken Zeff (Crazy Mocha)

Going Toe-to-Toe With Starbucks?  Inside the “Crazy” Idea that Ken Zeff Has Followed For Fifteen Years….And Counting!

For many successful entrepreneurs, the path to their success lies in the fundamental … Read the rest>

Episode 99 – Featuring a Preview of the Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference

Finding Growth in Your Business, and Yourself: Previewing The Premier Annual Event For Western Pennsylvania Entrepreneurs

For the entrepreneurs behind businesses of any size, be it a one-person sole proprietorship … Read the rest>

Episode 98 – Featuring a Look at Propel Schools & Dave Wilke (Wilke and Associates CPA)

 Shining a Spotlight On the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, and The School Giving Them the Resources To Succeed

When assessing the current landscape of entrepreneurship in the United States, one thing … Read the rest>

Episode 97 – Featuring Netflix Co-Founder Mitch Lowe

Gamechanger:   How Netflix Co-Founder Mitch Lowe’s Idea That Just Wouldn’t Die Changed the Way We Watch Television and Movies

What does the name “Video Droid” mean to you?

If you’re … Read the rest>

Episode 96 – Looking Back at the Life and Legacy of “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris

Looking Ahead: A Special Event To Remember A Special Business Leader


Maybe you remember him from being an award-winning entrepreneur who had started up 12 companies (“Seven wins, four … Read the rest>

Episode 95 – A Show of Inspiration

(Original Air Date – 3/15/15)

A Show of Inspiration:  Saluting Our Heroes (….and Those Who Look Up To Us as Heroes)

No matter if it’s financial advice, business advice, career … Read the rest>

Episode 94 – The Importance of Being Agile

Plan The Change and Change The Plan: The Importance of Being Agile

“Life Is What Happens To You When You’re Busy Making Other Plans.”

This famous quote, immortalized in the … Read the rest>

Episode 93 – Featuring Alison Wertz (Bill Few Associates)

Time To Get An Early Jump On Spring Cleaning (…For Your Investment Portfolio)

Maybe it’s because you got a raise last year….

Maybe it’s because you hit it big … Read the rest>

Episode 92 – How To Get More Money For Your Business

Money.  Where Is It?  Who Has It?  How Do You Get Some For Your Business?

Taking an objective look into pretty much ANY business you can fathom, it’s pretty tough … Read the rest>

Episode 91 – Open Talk – The Callers Sound Off

This Week We Return To the Open Talk Format….So Step Up, Dial In and Be Heard!!!

What drives you?

Those three words would seem to form a simple question on … Read the rest>

Epsiode 90 – Featuring Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

We’ve Talked About Running a Business, But How About Running A City?  A Conversation With the Man Who Makes Pittsburgh Go

Picture in your mind the look and feel of … Read the rest>

Episode 89 – The Callers Sound Off…..Again!

Last Week, We Put the Show in Your Hands…..This Week, We KEEP It There!

We weren’t sure how well it was going to work.

Sure, up until last week’s show, … Read the rest>

Episode 88 – The Callers Sound Off!!!

This Week, We Put the Show In YOUR Hands…So It’s YOUR Turn To Sound Off!

Being the shrewd entrepreneur that he is, one critical thing that Raja has learned about … Read the rest>

Episode 87 – Featuring Dr. Kenneth Lehn

Want to Take Your Investment Portfolio To the Next Level?  Try Private Equity (….But Be Sure To Listen To This Week’s Show First!)

If you’ve checked out Raja’s  three-step plan Read the rest>

Episode 86 – Featuring Wally Amos

“Famous” Was His Middle Name…..Until It Wasn’t: How Wally Amos Gained, Lost, and Regained His Business Mojo

As Wally Amos grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and then Manhattan, he had … Read the rest>

Episode 85 – Featuring Bob Crandall

Taking Flight By Taking Chances:  How Bob Crandall Turned American Airlines, and the Airline Industry, on Its Ear

If you haven’t gathered by now, thanks to the bevy of retail … Read the rest>

Episode 84 – Featuring Bob Herbold

Start Me Up:  Bob Herbold’s Front Row Seat For the Ascension of Microsoft To the Top of the Computer Industry

In 1995, Bill Gates knew that the idea of “personal … Read the rest>

Episode 83 – Featuring Bennett Stewart

How Well Did You Or Your Company Do This Year Financially?  You Won’t REALLY Know the Answer Until You Listen to Bennett Stewart

It doesn’t take more than a cursory … Read the rest>

Episode 82 – Featuring Founder/CEO Patrick Byrne

Sith Lords……Zombie Apocalypses….Overseeing a Billion Dollar, Publicly Traded Company…..All In a Day’s Work For Founder/CEO Patrick Byrne

It’s been said that a typical entrepreneur tends to live by his … Read the rest>

Episode 81 – Featuring Britt Beemer

Why Do We Buy What We Buy?  (…And Why Does Britt Beemer Know What That Is Before WE Do?)

If you’re looking for a telltale indicator of how things have … Read the rest>

Episode 80 – Featuring Regis McKenna

The One Behind the Ones Who Made Silicon Valley What It Is Today:  Inside the Mind of Regis McKenna

Apple.  Microsoft.  Electronic Arts.  AOL.  Compaq.

Over the past 40 years, … Read the rest>

Episode 79 – Featuring Ahmie Baum & Dave Wilke

To help Raja discuss ways in which you can improve your chances for financial success, Raja welcomes a pair of the savviest experts around when it comes to finance and … Read the rest>

Episode 78 – Featuring Gary Heavin

When Life Tried To Throw Him Some Curves, He Built His Own Instead – The Journey of Gary Heavin

As a child growing up in Texas in the 1960′s, Gary … Read the rest>

Episode 77 – Featuring Howdy Holmes & Rich Lunak

From Fast Lane to Fast Lane:  How Howdy Holmes Transitioned From Racing Stardom to Running One of “America’s Last Great Businesses” 

Imagine you go to a store to buy some … Read the rest>

Episode 76 – Featuring Jim Roddey

From Texas to Turner to Western Pennsylvania’s First “ACE” (And Beyond): The American Business Life of Jim Roddey

On this Sunday’s edition of Your American Story Radio, Raja welcomes one … Read the rest>

Episode 75 – Featuring John Challenger & Saul Garlick

When Investing Money Isn’t Enough:  How Entrepreneur Saul Garlick Made a True Impact 

When Saul Garlick was in elementary school, he took a trip to South Africa, and what he … Read the rest>

Episode 74 – Featuring David Meadows & Valerie Voss

First It Was Your Kids….Now, Your Business is Going “Back to School”

On this week’s edition of “Your American Story” Radio, we feature a pair of guests who will help … Read the rest>

Episode 73 – Featuring “Auntie Anne” Beiler & Bobby Zappala

Her Pretzels Aren’t the Only Thing With a Twist: Inside the Tumultuous Life and Unparalleled Success of “Auntie” Anne Beiler

For Anne Beiler, it started in the heart of … Read the rest>

Episode 72 – Featuring Jake Haulk & Peter Francese

How do you evaluate the performance of a city?

For some people, they listen to what the city’s leaders are saying,  from their campaign promises through to their inaugural address, … Read the rest>

Episode 71 – Featuring Alan Laick

So it’s time for you to implement your plan to market to your target audience. Nowadays, of course, the top weapon in your arsenal to do this is more than … Read the rest>

Episode 70 – Featuring Mark Uchida & Rebecca Harris

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

Of the many areas of study available to college business students, entrepreneurship may be the most intriguing, given that the traits of a typical successful entrepreneur … Read the rest>

Episode 69 – Featuring Juergen Fritsch & Bob Faletti

“Lost in Translation” No More:  How Juergen Fritsch Has Reinvented the Process of Medical Dictation
Anybody who has spent time receiving treatment in a hospital, no matter the reason or … Read the rest>

Episode 68 – Featuring Rick Cancelliere & Dr. Urmi Ashar

Regular listeners to Your American Story Radio are no doubt familiar with our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature presentation, the second iteration of which just wrapped up a successful … Read the rest>

Episode 67 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 6 (FINAL WEEK)

Today, we wrap up six weeks of our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature, as Raja reveals which of our entrepreneurs will receive investment capital from our three judges, James … Read the rest>

Episode 66 – Running With The Bulls II – Week 5

Running With the Bulls: Let’s Take a Look Back

We’re almost there!!!

We’ve heard from all three judges.

We’ve heard from all six entrepreneurs.

Voting for the audience participation prize … Read the rest>

Episode 65 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 4

Two More Presenters to Go!!!!

You’ve heard from four of our entrepreneur contestants.  This week, it’s time to hear from the last two!

Last week, as part of our groundbreaking … Read the rest>

Episode 64 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 3

Things are heating up now!

Last week, as part of our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature on Your American Story Radio, listeners heard the pitches from two remarkable local … Read the rest>

Episode 63 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 2

It’s back…..

After hearing from our three judges, James Jordan of the PLSG Accelerator Fund, Ned Renzi of Birchmere Ventures, and Mike Stubler of Draper Triangle Ventures, … Read the rest>

Episode 62 (Running With the Bulls II – Week 1)

-A New Run of Running With the Bulls

This Sunday, we begin our second iteration of our groundbreaking radio feature, “Running With the Bulls”,  as we welcome six NEW entrepreneurs, … Read the rest>

Episode 61 (Featuring Stan Sheetz)

All in the Family:  How Stan Sheetz Revolutionized the Business That Bears His Name

For over 40 years, Altoona, PA-based Sheetz had established itself as one of the most successful … Read the rest>

Episode 60 (Featuring Dan Mathews & Doug Moore

Profiling a Leading Entrepreneur Of Tomorrow, and Assessing Why “Obamacare” Matters

Like many entrepreneurs throughout the country, Dan Mathews spends considerable time every day making sure that the business he … Read the rest>

Episode 59 (Featuring John Stollenwerk)


That number represents the percentage of shoes that were manufactured in the United States in 1980, the same year that John Stollenwerk purchased Port Washington, WI-based shoe manufacturer Allen Read the rest>

Epsiode 58 (Featuring Rhonda Kallman)

“The Queen of Beers” No More:  The Rise and Fall of Rhonda Kallman in the Beer Industry, and Why Her Next Round Is Something Stronger

“It’s beer.  It’s supposed to … Read the rest>

Episode 57 (Featuring Karen Morris & Joe Warnagiris)

Revisiting the Legacy of Ron Morris, And Tracking Down One Of His Signature Companies

Regular, longtime listeners to Your American Story Radio….namely, folks who have been with us since we … Read the rest>

Episode 56 (Featuring Henry Mintzberg & Kenneth Lehn)

Back to the Basics of Business: The Importance of Effective Management and Value Creation

-On this edition of Your American Story Radio, Raja, himself a successful entrepreneur, tips his cap … Read the rest>

Episode 55 (Featuring Harry Geyer & Matt Brouillette)

One Entrepreneur.  Three Businesses.   How Does Harry Geyer Keep It Together?

One of the defining traits of any entrepreneur is the ability to seek and accept new challenges as they … Read the rest>

Episode 54 (Featuring Mike Critelli & Dr. Mary McKinney)

From Shipping To Healthcare To Film: Mike Critelli’s Journey Along the Road Less Traveled

On this edition of Your American Story, Raja goes one-on-one with one of the foremost business … Read the rest>

Episode 53 (Featuring Rich Fitzgerald)



The 2011 Allegheny County Executive race was one of the most heated campaigns in the history of Western Pennsylvania politics (if not THE most heated).

Words were exchanged, … Read the rest>

Episode 52 (Featuring Jack Mason & Bill Flanagan)

The Western Pennsylvania region, in addition to being known for its “Ed’s and Med’s”, has also been a bastion of entrepreneurial and economic development in recent years.  On this  edition … Read the rest>

Episode 51 (Featuring Nolan Bushnell & Joe Disarro)

On this episode, we welcome the man whom many consider to be the pioneer of electronic video gaming, as Raja goes one-on-one with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of AtariRead the rest>

Episode 50 (Featuring Keith Rothfus & Brian Baum)

Looking Out For You….From Our Nation’s Capital

This week, Raja talks with one of Western Pennsylvania’s foremost political leaders, Congressman Keith Rothfus, as we examine Keith’s life story, including his … Read the rest>

Episode 49 (Featuring Glen Meakem & John Kennedy)

“What Next?”

It’s a common question facing successful entrepreneurs who “cash out”, or otherwise enjoy startup success beyond their wildest imagination.  Some entrepreneurs prefer to lay low and settle in … Read the rest>

Episode 48 (Featuring Stephen D’Angelo & Christine Robins)

Taking Their Companies To the Next Level: How Did They Do It?

For many entrepreneurial ventures, the leadership and guidance of the startup’s founder is more than enough to propel … Read the rest>

Episode 47 (Featuring Don Charlton & John Manzetti)

On this edition of  Your American Story radio, Raja welcomes a pair of local business leaders onto the show to discuss the contributions they’re making to improving the overall climate … Read the rest>

Episode 46 (Featuring Ellen McLean & Jessica Trybus)

Women in Business

On this edition of Your American Story radio, Raja returns live to the airwaves, in order to take a special look at the impact that women have … Read the rest>

Episode 45 (Featuring Jim Brewster & George Zacherl)

On this week’s show, we examine the role that our elected leadership plays in overseeing the effectiveness of our transportation system, as well as the importance of networking, referrals, and … Read the rest>

Episode 44 (Featuring Jack Tumpson & Scott Hammond)

-In Western Pennsylvania, just as in the rest of the United States, entrepreneurship is a driving force that continually propels our culture forward every day.  (Don’t think so?  Think about … Read the rest>

Episode 43 (Featuring Mark Dudash & Tom Baker)

On this edition of Your American Story Radio, we bring 2013 to a close, as Raja talks with a pair of local leaders, one from the business realm, and one … Read the rest>

Episode 42 (Featuring Four Never-Before-Heard Interviews)

Happy holidays from Raja and the staff of Your American Story Radio!

On this Sunday’s edition of Your American Story Radio, we feature an unprecedented FOUR never-before-heard interviews with business … Read the rest>

Episode 41 (Featuring Tim Murphy and Josh Knauer)

On this Sunday’s edition of Your American Story Radio, Raja profiles a Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur whose company is making an impact in one of the areas that matters most in business: … Read the rest>

Episode 40 (Featuring Rocky Bleier and Mike Kauffelt)

As we enjoy Thanksgiving weekend full of family, football, and food, two more “f’s” should be in the back of your mind once the meal has settled, the games are … Read the rest>

Episode 39 (Featuring Alan Robertson & Ray Carter)

“The Times They Are a Changin’”

When Bob Dylan wrote that lyric some 50 years ago, he meant it as a communal anthem to describe the sweeping transformation that was … Read the rest>

Episode 38 (Featuring Timothy Thyreen & Dennis Wilke)

Raja returns live to the Your American Story studio, and while he’ll spend some time discussing what he learned during his recent visit back home to India, the main focus Read the rest>

Episode 33 (“Running With the Bulls” recap)

On this edition of Your American Story, Raja recaps the groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature, as we revisit each of the six entrepreneur contestant pitches, as well as the … Read the rest>

Episode 36 (with Jeremy Zerechak & Karen Morris)

As you read this on your computer or a mobile device today, here’s some food for thought: How safe and secure IS your “digital” life?
It’s not as easy a … Read the rest>

Episode 35 (Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi & Lynda Stucky)

We talk with one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the history of Western Pennsylvania’s tech sector, Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, the CEO of Compunetics (now Compunetix and Chorus Call), about … Read the rest>

Episode 34 (“Running With The Bulls” Winner Reveal)

And the winner is….

(Actually, it’s more like….”And the winners ARE”)

On this edition of “Your American Story”, we wrap up our coverage of the inaugural “Running With The Bulls” … Read the rest>

Episode 32 (“Running With the Bulls” Part 3)

On the third week of entrepreneur presentations as part of the “Running With the Bulls” feature on Your American Story Radio, Raja, along with his panel of judges, welcome the … Read the rest>

Episode 31 (“Running With The Bulls” Part 2)

It’s a radio feature like never before, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake! Raja, along with Mike Matesic and his team at IdeaFoundry, a Pittsburgh-based business development and … Read the rest>

Episode 30 (“Running With the Bulls” – Part 1)


After weeks of buildup and last Sunday’s preview show, it’s time for the first two contestants in our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature to show … Read the rest>

Episode 29 (“Running With the Bulls” Preview)

It begins!

For weeks, you’ve heard Raja talk about a feature that we’re very excited about here at “Your American Story”. “Running With the Bulls” is a first-of-its-kind radio feature … Read the rest>

Episode 28 (Featuring Bobby Zappala & Dave Wilke)

Raja shares the remarkable story of Bobby Zappala, a Pittsburgh-based attorney who gave up a position with one of the highest-profile firms in the region in order to start ThrillMill, … Read the rest>

Episode 27 (Featuring Randy Vulakovich & Scott Mashuda)

On today’s edition of “Your American Story”, Raja examines the role that our political leaders can play in shaping the climate in which we do business, and in which we … Read the rest>

Episode 26 – Featuring Razi Imam & John Graf

Reinvention is one of the most oft-used words when it comes to business, as a means through which a struggling company can turn itself around, or a successful company can … Read the rest>

Episode 25 – Featuring Chuck Sanders & Michael O’Neill

The road to business success can often be a long, arduous one, with many challenges along the way. On today’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja interviews two successful business … Read the rest>

Episode 24 – Featuring Simin Curtis & Atul Bansal

What role does lifelong learning play in our everyday lives, as well as our professional lives? Raja tackles this question on today’s edition of “The Raja Show”, as he talks … Read the rest>

Episode 23 – Featuring Josh McElhattan & Joe Kuklis

Recently, Raja spoke with Ilana Diamond, the Director of AlphaLab Gear, the robotic-intensive spinoff of AlphaLab, one of the premier tech incubators in the United States. During the conversation, Ilana … Read the rest>

Episode 22 – Featuring Mike Kauffelt & Chris Allison

Raja discusses his recent experience running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain on today’s edition of “The Raja Show”, and relates the lessons he learned about competition and adaptation to … Read the rest>

Episode 21 – Featuring Matt Shaner & Ilana Diamond

This Sunday, we will focus on one of the rising stars in the Western Pennsylvania sports management scene, as Raja talks with Pittsburgh Power CEO Matt Shaner. Matt discusses the … Read the rest>

Episode 20 – Featuring Lauren Trocano & John Lacarte

We continue our discussions with award-winning entrepreneurs, as we talk with John Lacarte, the President of Model Cleaners and recent winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year … Read the rest>

Episode 19 – Featuring Eric Sauereisen & Karin Mayr

Ask most entrepreneurs why they start and grow businesses, and they’ll likely tell you that “awards/recognition” is pretty far down the list. But sometimes, it’s nice to be honored for … Read the rest>

Episode 18 – Featuring Shane Jones, Jerry Cozewtih & Brian Wolovich

As many listeners know, Ron Morris was a good friend of Raja’s, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the recent history of this region. And as any good … Read the rest>

Episode 17 – Featuring Eric Ravotti & Mark Uchida

We examine what it means to run a social enterprise, as we talk with former Penn State and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Eric Ravotti about his latest venture, Generoasta, and what … Read the rest>

Episode 16 – Featuring Alex Thomson & Joe Smith

Raja talks about competitive value and sustainability in a business, as well as discusses the five steps of early-stage business success with Alex Thomson, an attorney with the firm of … Read the rest>

Episode 15 – Featuring Harish Saluja & Bill Generett

Raja talks with Harish Saluja, an Indian filmmaker now living in Pittsburgh, about his role as Founder and Executive Director of the Silk Screen Asian Arts and Cultural Organization, and … Read the rest>

Episode 14 – Featuring Sean Parnell & Nathaniel Fick

As part of Memorial Day Weekend, we feature two special veteran guests who will join us to discuss both their military service, and their best-selling military-themed books. Former Army Ranger … Read the rest>

Episode 13 – Featuring Tom Baker & Matt Drozd

We examine what it takes to become an effective leader when it comes to the political arena. We talk with a pair of candidates for the Republican nomination for Allegheny … Read the rest>

Episode 12 – Featuring Rich Lunak & Henry Thorne

Raja takes a look at the role that business support organizations can play in helping businesses grow and develop as he talks with Rich Lunak of Pittsburgh-based InnovationWorks. Plus, Henry … Read the rest>

Episode 11 – Previewing the Entrepreneurs Growth Conference

We preview one of the hottest networking events in Western Pennsylvania, the Entrepreneurs Growth Conference, presented by the Small Business Development Center at Duquesne University. The all-day event takes place … Read the rest>

Episode 9 – With Diana Irey & Jason Kutney

Raja talks with former Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey about the leadership roles that women can play in our region. Plus, Jason Kutney, CEO (and player) for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds … Read the rest>

Episode 8 – With Karen Morris & Jerry Cozewith

Raja talks with Karen Morris, the wife of The American Entrepreneur, the late Ron Morris, about who Ron was as a person, and what she is doing to preserve Ron’s … Read the rest>

Episode 7 – With Ann Dugan and Dave Wilke

Raja discusses the importance of collegiate education when it comes to developing the mindset and skillset of an entrepreneur with Ann Dugan, the Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence … Read the rest>

Episode 6 – With Mike Kauffelt & Matt Brouillette

Raja discusses some of the economic issues making headlines on a domestic and global level, and assesses the impact these headlines have on the world of business, as he talks … Read the rest>

Episode 5 – With Regis McKenna

Raja welcomes Regis McKenna, one of the most significant figures to emerge from the tech boom that produced Apple, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and a host of other tech titans. Regis … Read the rest>

Episode 4 – Featuring Ken Smith & Mike Matesic

Original Air Date: March 17, 2013

Can an entrepreneur be successful in America if he or she is not from America?  Raja has some answers to that question, including stories … Read the rest>

Episode 3 – Featuring Raul Valdes-Perez & Art Boni

Original Air Date: March 10, 2013

What are the most effective ways in which entrepreneurs can differentiate themselves in the marketplace? Raja has a few ideas, and he talks with … Read the rest>

Episode 2 – Featuring Varol Ablak & Jake Haulk

Original Air Date: March 3, 2013

Raja talks with Jake Haulk of the Allegheny Institute, who discusses an upcoming event honoring The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris. Plus, Varol Ablak, the … Read the rest>

Episode 1 – Featuring Roger Byford & Rick Saccone

Original Air Date: February 24, 2013

It’s the debut episode of “The Raja Show”, and host Raja kicks off the show by discussing the show’s mission, as well as the … Read the rest>

The “Indian American from the Wild West”

Raja is teaming up with NewsRadio 1020 KDKA to bring the struggles and triumphs of the American Dream to the airwaves! The Raja Sho promos are running throughout the week … Read the rest>