Episode 126 – Featuring Corinne Clinch (Rorus) and Srinith Vaddepally (Ristcall)

Their Future Is Now: An Inside Look At Two of The Rising Stars of Western Pennsylvania’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

-On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja profiles the entrepreneurs behind two award-winning Western Pennsylvania startups.  These companies were recently honored as part of the Second Annual TIE Pittsburgh Start-Up Award/BMR Showcase event earlier this month.   The event featured 10 Western Pennsylvania startups pitching to a panel of seasoned investment professionals, including recent Raja Show guests Sunil Wadhwani of SWAT Capital and Ilana Diamond of AlphaLabGear.

The winning company, which received $10,000, was Rorus, a company that uses advanced forms of nanotechnology to create cost-effective water purification and filtration systems, for use in both developing and developed communities, using hydrological disaster relief in India as its initial market.  The company’s founder, Corinne Clinch, will join Raja on Sunday to discuss how she used the technical education she received at Carnegie Mellon University, and her experience with water purification in Ghana, South Africa, and Haiti, to create a system that hopes to improve water purification techniques throughout the globe.

Next, we’ll talk with Srinith Vaddepally, founder of Ristcall, the second place winner at the event, and as such, the recipient of $3,000, and an additional $2,000 in legal services.  Ristcall aims to be a gamechanger in the medical industry, in terms of bolstering the effectiveness of service as it replaces the traditional “bell” system that an in-house patient in need of treatment would use to notify a nurse with a portable, digital device that enables patients to further classify their requests in advance, enabling nurses to organize and prioritize the patients according to their needs.

For those who enjoy hearing about the next wave of entrepreneurship in innovation in Western Pennsylvania, this show is for you, as we’ll feature two of the best firms in town, ones with the acclaim to back it up.