Episode 108 (Featuring Ray Zabourney – Maverick Strategies)

Is the World Getting Flatter?    Raja Shares Observations From His Trip Overseas, And What It Means For the U.S.

Many business and leadership experts point to Thomas Friedman’s landmark 2005 book, “The World Is Flat”, as a definitive look at the impact that globalization has had, and will continue to have, on our lives in the 21st century.  In his book, Friedman describes many of the factors that have contributed to a leveling (or, more appropriately, flattening) of the playing field on a global scale, from geopolitics to international commerce, and outlines steps for how businesses in ANY country can compete under the new set of global rules.

Taking his cue from Friedman’s work, Raja returns live to “The Raja Show” hosting chair this week, fresh from an extended trip overseas, covering locales such as Dubai, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.   While the purpose of the trip was personal, in order to visit family, the “business side” of Raja couldn’t help but observe some of the key economic trends that were prevalent in each of these destinations.  And the “practical side” is working overtime to determine what his observations mean for businesses and individuals here in the U.S., and the areas in which the U.S. needs to step up in order to meet these burgeoning international economic developments.

On Sunday, Raja will discuss his observations, and lays out what they mean for you and your business.   Plus, as the political races for 2015 and 2016 take shape, we take a look at the latest developments on the political landscape on a state and national level, and how the upcoming races will affect your ability to successfully start and grow a business.  To help Raja with the heavy lifting, he talks with Ray Zaborney of Maverick Strategies and Red Maverick Media.  Ray, one of the premier movers and shakers in Pennsylvania politics, will discuss what he’s seeing from his Harrisburg vantage point,  Pennsylvania’s role in the 2016 Presidential Election, what citizens can do to stay involved in politics beyond merely showing up at the polls, and the impact of the election cycle on business and the economy.