Episode 65 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 4

Two More Presenters to Go!!!!

You’ve heard from four of our entrepreneur contestants.  This week, it’s time to hear from the last two!

Last week, as part of our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature on Your American Story Radio, listeners heard the pitches from two local entrepreneurs who are making a serious impact in the life sciences space, Urmi Ashar of ATHS, and Rick Cancelliere of Treatspace.  These two companies, proud members of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse portfolio, are doing some remarkable things in the region, and were on hand to give us the lowdown on their companies.

In addition to pitching their companies, they withstood the direct lines of questioning from our judges, James Jordan from the PLSG Accelerator Fund, Ned Renzi of Birchmere Ventures, and Mike Stubler of Draper Triangle Ventures.

Now it’s YOUR turn!  If you missed any of the great discussion, you can hear it on our Your American Story show archive page right HERE.  Then, visit our website,YourAmericanStory.com, click on the “Running With the Bulls” tab, and find out more information about both Urmi and Rick’s companies.  Then, cast your vote for which one you think has what it takes to be Western Pennsylvania’s next great success story.  But be sure to do it NOW, as voting for this week ends at Noon EST on Sunday, June 29.

-This week, we wrap up our presentations with our final two entrepreneurs, who are primed and ready to pitch their companies. This week, we feature the following entrepreneurs:

Mike Cham (BlenderHouse)

BlenderHouse is a data analytics and decision support company that aims at realizing the potential of data to improve healthcare, from basic research to routine patient care.  BlenderHouse provides data driven solutions for research, decision making and process improvement.  BlenderHouse was founded in early 2008 with the goal of empowering enterprises to take advantages of all the newly available data to improve decision making through data management and machine learning.  Recent advances in computational and academic breakthroughs related to Machine Learning have made it a viable and valuable tool.

Our newest clinical decision support tool, CHRiSS: Cardiac Health Risk Stratification System, assists both physicians and their patients in navigating the complicated, multifaceted treatment trajectory surrounding patients who are too ill to wait for a heart donor, or who are not eligible for a heart transplant because of age or other medical problems and are considering a ventricular assist device (VAD) implant.

Ginny Pribanic (MedRespond)

MedRespond is an online healthcare communications company that combines artificial intelligence, search and streaming media so that health care enterprises can provide interactive, personalized, relevant and inexpensive communication solutions for their customers, patients, and clients, and health care training solutions for their personnel.

-Both Ginny and Mike will be on point, as they present the perfect pitches to the judges, and the judges fire back with some penetrating questions about the companies that will keep the entrepreneurs on their toes.  Hear the action for yourself this Sunday on Your American Story Radio.

And after hearing the entrepreneurs pitch, it’s YOUR turn!  Go to the Running With the Bulls section on our homepage to find out more about the entrepreneurs, listen to the pitches, and determine for yourself who had the better pitch.  Cast your vote, and it will be tabulated in order to determine who had the most popular pitch, and who will receive the $2,500 cash prize.   Voting for this week’s contestants will begin at 4 PM today.