Episode 156 (12/29/18) – Featuring David Barensfeld

Staying the Course:  How David Barensfeld Grew The Annual Sales of The Ellwood Group from $25 Million in 1983 To ...
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Episode 155 (12/22/18) – Featuring Chris Heck

Taking Flight:  What Chris Heck Is Doing To Harness the Full Economic Potential of the Pittsburgh Airport Corridor   When ...
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Episode 154 (12/01/18) – Featuring Dan Rossi

Emotional Rescue: Dan Rossi And The Merger That Made Too Much Sense NOT To Do     In just about ...
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Episode 153 (11/24/2018) – Featuring Regis McKenna

Technology and Marketing History Personified:  A Conversation With the Man Who Helped Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Countless Others Bring ...
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Episode 152 (11/17/2018) – Featuring Lance Shaner

When the Hard Work of One Becomes the Opportunity For Many: The Story of Lance Shaner and Shaner Hotels Read More