Episode 41 (Featuring Tim Murphy and Josh Knauer)

On this Sunday’s edition of Your American Story Radio, Raja profiles a Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur whose company is making an impact in one of the areas that matters most in business: data.

-No matter the business, large or small, one of the most critical elements of any organization is data, as it serves as the figurative building blocks of every aspect of your company. But without an accurate system in place to manage and assess the data, the data is essentially meaningless. Enter Josh Knauer, a social entrepreneur for the last 20 years whose latest enterprise, Rhiza, is geared towards the implementation of systems into companies, both large and small, to manage and assess company data in a way that is accessible and understandable by key members of the organization. Rhiza has gained national acclaim, and Josh’s role as a thought leader in social entrepreneurship has earned him an appointment on President Obama’s Council on Science and Technology. Josh talks with Raja about his career, the mission of Rhiza, and the importance of being socially and environmentally responsible when starting and sustaining a successful enterprise.

-Plus, Congressman Tim Murphy checks in to the show to discuss some of the initiatives he is working on in Washington to ensure that the business climate is operating as efficiently as possible, including his thoughts on the controversial Affordable Care Act.