Episode 53 (Featuring Rich Fitzgerald)




The 2011 Allegheny County Executive race was one of the most heated campaigns in the history of Western Pennsylvania politics (if not THE most heated).

Words were exchanged, often loudly, over dozens of debates.  Facts were quoted (and misquoted) throughout broadcast, print, and social media.

When the dust settled, and all was said and done, there had to be a winner, and one man became the new Allegheny County Executive.  The other man became the host of “Your American Story” Radio.

Here, they meet again!

Despite the vitriol that was exchanged during those turbulent months three years ago (and there was plenty), Rich Fitzgerald and Raja are actually pretty friendly nowadays. And while the ideas they presented during their campaign were somewhat different, they both had the same destination in mind: developing Allegheny County into a successful, viable place for citizens to thrive and for businesses to grow, in a sustainable way that will benefit the region for generations to follow.

And as two proud business owners, and family men, Rich and Raja are both following through with their mission, Rich from the County Executive chair, and Raja through not only the radio airwaves, but through his continued influence on countless boards and business development organizations.

In this episode, they sit down to discuss their mission live on the air, as Rich joins Raja to discuss the strides that have been made over the past three years to improve Allegheny County, and where Rich thinks we need to focus to help keep this development on the right path.

This is a groundbreaking discussion for Western Pennsylvania that will appeal to not only those who live in the region, but for anyone in the country who wants to hear thorough, well-reasoned analysis on how to grow and develop a successful region from the men who are making that happen.

(And if you tune in to the show hoping for the same fireworks you may have heard the last time they were on the same show together, you may be sorely disappointed. But you may want to stick around with us anyway….)