Episode 29 (“Running With the Bulls” Preview)

It begins!

For weeks, you’ve heard Raja talk about a feature that we’re very excited about here at “Your American Story”. “Running With the Bulls” is a first-of-its-kind radio feature that showcases aspiring entrepreneurs from around the region, as they pitch their company in front of real investors, in hopes of obtaining real capital necessary to take their companies to the next level. (And the best part? YOU have a hand in the proceedings.) Today, we feature a special preview show, giving you the opportunity to meet the man who helped us put this together, Mike Matesic of the Idea Foundry, one of the premier business support organizations in Western Pennsylvania. Mike and his team work with prospective entrepreneurs from around the region, many of whom come equipped with nothing more than an idea, and provide them the guidance, support, resources, and in some cases, access to the funding that is necessary to turn that idea into a real, sustainable business concept. -You will also get the chance to meet our judges, three seasoned business investment professionals who face investment opportunities on a daily basis, so they have come to know what they like (and what they don’t) when it comes to throwing financial support behind a company they think will be a winner. Raja will spend a few minutes with Roger Byford of the BlueTree Venture Fund, Mel Pirchesky of Eagle Ventures, and Alicia McGinnis of the Audrey’s Kitchen Venture Fund, as they discuss what they are looking for when it comes to investment in a potential company, as well as what they look for when it comes to investment in an entrepreneur. (Do they back the “Jockey” or the “Horse”?) Plus, Raja lays out what listeners can expect, and explain some of the heady terminology that may get thrown around over the next few weeks. This ground-breaking radio series (a radio “Shark Tank”, if you will) can inspire ANYBODY in our listening audience to take the leap to converting that idea into a reality.