Episode 51 (Featuring Nolan Bushnell & Joe Disarro)

On this episode, we welcome the man whom many consider to be the pioneer of electronic video gaming, as Raja goes one-on-one with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, the first commercially successful video game company.  Upon its inception in 1972, Atari made its foray not only in the video game arcades that have since populated the American landscape for decades, but also into living rooms throughout America, via the home video game system, a platform that has since begat dozens of subsequent systems, including the ubiquitous XBox One and PlayStation 4 systems that are all the rage in 2014.  And five year’s after Atari’s launch, Nolan conceptualized that kids who play these games religiously need a safe, indoor, family-friendly atmosphere where they can play electronic video games as well as traditional carnival games, eat pizza and just have a good time in the process, so he started a SECOND iconic American brand,Chuck E. Cheese family restaurants, in 1977.

Nolan talks to Raja about his remarkable story, including the circumstances that led him to take over his family’s concrete business at just 15 years old.  Plus, Nolan gives his thoughts on how his signature ideas have evolved over time, and what the future holds for video gaming, as well as family-themed entertainment establishments.

-While it’s safe to say that ANY election season has a direct impact on the population to some degree, few may have as big an impact as the 2014 elections, both nationally, as well as in the State of Pennsylvania. Not only will every Congressional seat (as well as dozens of Senatorial seats) be in play in Washington, but Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial seat will be up for grabs as well. Even though Election Day is eight months away, it’s not too early to assess some of the lead candidates for the most important spots for these offices, and the impact that these elections will have on your ability to conduct business in the State of Pennsylvania.

Here, Raja, a man who knows a little about the political process himself, talks withJoe DiSarro, a professor and chair in the Department of Political Science at Washington and Jefferson University in Washington, PA, discuss the 2014 elections, who to watch for this season, and the impact that the results will have on your business, and your life.