Episode 96 – Looking Back at the Life and Legacy of “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris

Looking Ahead: A Special Event To Remember A Special Business Leader


Maybe you remember him from being an award-winning entrepreneur who had started up 12 companies (“Seven wins, four losses, and one tie,” as he famously put it) throughout a 40-plus year career.

Maybe you remember him as the Founding Director of the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Duquesne University. 

Or maybe you remember him for his 13-plus year stint as host of The American Entrepreneur Radio Program, a weekly-turned-daily radio hub where entrepreneurs (and wanna-be entrepreneurs) could come together to share the highs, the lows, and the lessons learned from the entrepreneurial experience.

(One such listener appreciated his mission so much that he decided to carry on The American Entrepreneur’s legacy with his own radio show, one you probably read about, and listen to, on a weekly basis.)

For those who remember the impact that Ron Morris had on those that knew him, and for those who weren’t familiar with his exhaustive career, this Sunday’s edition of “The Raja Show” is a must-listen.  Raja welcomes Ron’s wife Karen, along with his children, Jaxon and Lexi, into the studio to discuss Ron’s remarkable life, and the legacy he has left to others since his passing in June of 2012.

They will also discuss a great event coming up to celebrate Ron’s legacy.  The American Entrepreneur Expo will take place on Sunday, June 28, 2015 from 2 – 5 PM at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh’s Oakland section.

It’s a chance for people who worked with Ron in his many companies, learned from him at Duquesne, listened to him on the radio, heard him play rhythm guitar for the Aboriginals, or simply just knew him, to come together to honor a man whose mission in life was the same message he brought to others on his radio show:   following the dreams that are 100% in your hands.

The event is free to the public, and all are welcome.  There will be a giveaway of many of Ron’s personal items, including selections from his exhaustive personal library, as well as promotional items from the radio show and the many companies and organizations with which he was involved.

While the event is free, donations are welcome, and will go to support the Morris E-Ward, an award in Ron’s name presented annually by one of Ron’s good friends, Jerry Cozewith, Director of Entrepreneuring Youth.  The award is given to a young entrepreneur in the Western Pennsylvania area who has demonstrated the knack to go above and beyond in pursuit of his or her dream, a trait that would have made Ron immensely proud.

You won’t want to miss a second of this great discussion with Karen, Jaxon and Lexi Morris.