Episode 18 – Featuring Shane Jones, Jerry Cozewtih & Brian Wolovich

As many listeners know, Ron Morris was a good friend of Raja’s, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the recent history of this region. And as any good entrepreneur knows, the first step in the success of any entrepreneurial endeavor is simply an idea. And the beautiful part of entrepreneurship is that the next great entrepreneurial smash hit idea can come from anyone at any time. What makes the entrepreneurial journey truly rewarding is the partnering of that idea with the right mind to drive it there, and the change that can result.

In the spirit of Ron, today’s show features two guests, each of whom, one day, had an idea, in hopes of affecting change in two decidedly NON-entrepreneurial arenas. One young man, 15-year old Shane Jones, is an aspiring young entrepreneur who wanted to put his passion for baking to use in order to shake up an industry that can adhere to the status quo. And Brian Wolovich is a sixth-grade teacher from a town that has been ravaged in recent years, both physically and economically, by the effects of flooding. His modest goal: to build a library, not only to house books and media in order to educate the region, but to provide for a region in need of a simple place to come together, in order to share ideas to help that region grow and prosper.