Episode 114 – Featuring Silicon Valley Marketing Guru Regis McKenna

With “Christmas For Geeks” In the Rear View Mirror, How Does America’s Largest Tech Giant Measure Up With Its Newest Rollout?  Silicon Valley Marketing Guru Regis McKenna Was at Apple Day, and He Tells All

One of, if not THE most highly-anticipated day in the tech community’s annual calendar has come and gone,

During Wednesday’s “Apple Day”, Apple CEO Tim Cook, much like the company’s iconic founder, Seve Jobs, before him, took to the stage to announce the latest line of gadgetry to emerge from the Silicon Valley powerhouse.

And as is the custom with the annual event, especially in the years since Jobs’ passing in 2011, Cook did so amid rampant industry speculation as to the health of the company, and whether or not its competitors, be they Microsoft computing, Droid phones,or other standouts, have finally caught up to Apple’s groundbreaking technology.

So what’s the verdict?  Will Apple’s suite of new kids on the tech block, including the iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro, the new-and-improved Apple TV unit, and even the “gold” Apple watch, be enough for Apple to reestablish itself as the tech industry leader?

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja addresses this question, the answer to which will go a long way to determine the future of tech in the U.S.  And joining him in the discussion will be a man who knows a thing or two about how things work at Apple, both historically, and in the present day, Silicon Valley Marketing icon Regis McKenna.

Anybody who read the landmark Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs knows the influence that Regis had on the early days of Apple, to the point where he is widely credited as having a significant hand in designing the iconic Apple logo.  In addition to helping bring Apple to market, Regis had similar roles with such tech luminaries as Microsoft, EA, Compaq, AOL, Intel, and many more.  He remains one of the most influential figures in the growth and development of companies throughout the Silicon Valley.

In addition drawing on his influence on the growth and development of Apple through the years, Regis was also in attendance during Apple Day, and he’ll talk with Raja about what he saw, what he thinks about where Apple is headed going forward, and how effectively Tim Cook et al are continuing the vision crafted by Steve Jobs through the years.

Whether or not you’re a self-proclaimed tech geek or a luddite, you won’t want to miss the insights of one of the most influential figures in the history of tech business.