Episode 93 – Featuring Alison Wertz (Bill Few Associates)

Time To Get An Early Jump On Spring Cleaning (…For Your Investment Portfolio)

Maybe it’s because you got a raise last year….

Maybe it’s because you hit it big with one of last year’s hot investments….

Maybe you even implemented, and stuck to, The Plan….

No matter how you got there, if, much like the weather outside, you can see sunny days ahead for your financial situation, and you may actually have a little bit of extra money to play around with, congratulations!   You can bet that it wasn’t easy.

Also not easy?  KEEPING that extra money, not to mention how hard it is to make it grow!

Ensuring that you keep that money is the core mission of the financial services industry, and in the Western Pennsylvania market, few, if any, companies in that industry have the track record that Bill Few Associates does when it comes to making sure that your money stays with you.

On this Sunday’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja talks with Alison Wertz, Senior Vice President at Bill Few Associates, about some of the current trends in personal financial planning.  She will also discuss some of the predominant national economic trends that impact the amount of money you’ll have to save and invest.