Episode 119 – Featuring Congressman Keith Rothfus (R – Pennsylvania)

Ryan’s Rules:  What Impact Will the New Speaker of the House Have on The Future of American Business and the Economy?  Congressman Keith Rothfus Joins Us For An Inside Look 

The turbulence surrounding Republican Congressional leadership in Washington D.C. has settled considerably within the past week, in the wake of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s highly anticipated ascension to the House Speaker seat recently relinquished by John Boehner.

But amid the anticipation, hype, and talk of a new day in Washington, the question remains:  Will this leadership change REALLY have an impact on the direction of our economy, and will businesses truly be able to capitalize?

Many of Ryan’s contemporaries definitely think so, and on this edition of “The Raja Show”, one such representative, Congressman Keith Rothfus (R – Pennsylvania) joins Raja live to discuss why he is “all-in” on Speaker Ryan, and why he was among those leading the charge for a reluctant Ryan to put his hesitations aside and do what he believes is best for the Party, and the country.

Plus, Congressman Rothfus will discuss his thoughts on both sides of the 2016 Presidential Election, and what the leading candidates, whoever they end up being, need to do to not just win the election next November, but to lead America’s economy back on the successful path to the point where business and individuals can prosper.  And he’ll reflect on his own initiatives, including the Congressional Pay for Performance Act,, and how they are geared towards bringing accountability and transparency back into Congressional activity in a way that best serves the American people.