Episode 103 – A Discussion of Servant Leadership

“Horrible Bosses”:  Funny Movie, But Not So Funny When It Happens To You….What Do You Do? 

It’s often said that when an employee quits working for a company, he or she doesn’t quit the job….that person quits the boss.

In this day and age, different companies in different industries require different kinds of leadership and management styles to be successful.   Some companies require more of a hands-on approach, while others take the opposite tact…..stepping back, staying out of the way, and letting the people hired to do the work actually DO the work, jumping in only as needed.   Same goes for the employees working within the framework of the companies which employ them.

Whether your are a manager or an employee, sorting out your own individual style and situation effectively is critical to the success that both you and the company will hope to enjoy going forward.   If manager and employee are on the same page, in a manner that provides for effective and efficient productivity, then it is truly a dream situation.  But if manager and employee are at odds, then all bets are off, and, given time, the company could suffer in the long run.

But if your situation falls under the latter category, what do you do?  Do you change people (or change jobs)?  Or do you work together to rectify the situation?

On this edition of The Raja Show, Raja, himself the founder and CEO of a highly successful IT company, discusses the role that effective leadership and management play in business.  He’ll also discuss an age-old leadership philosophy that he holds dear: “servant leadership”, or the idea that leadership and power do not rest solely at the top of the organization, but that those at the top of the organization should help and support those throughout the company, from the top-down, sharing the power by developing each employee to become more productive leaders unto themselves, thus growing the company as a whole.