Episode 92 – How To Get More Money For Your Business

Money.  Where Is It?  Who Has It?  How Do You Get Some For Your Business?

Taking an objective look into pretty much ANY business you can fathom, it’s pretty tough to argue that there may be no more significant factor to the success of that business than money.

Think about it.  Try to argue against it.

“What about having good people?”

While it’s important to hire the best people you can to perform at their optimum level on a daily basis, you need to PAY them, right?  They won’t…..they CAN’T….work for free!

“How about being able to sell your product or service?”

It has often been said that nothing in business can happen without a sale, but the reason that is so is because of the money that the sale brings through the company’s doors.  Plain and simple.

The bottom line is….well, the bottom line!   Money matters.  And the biggest challenge business owners face is keeping as much of it as they can for the business.  And an even BIGGER challenge for new entrepreneurs is how to procure the money necessary to launch the business in the first place.

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja will talk about the role that money plays in running a business.  And for those looking to make the leap into starting your own business, he’ll look at the ways you can raise money to fund your nascent enterprise, without having to trade out the bulk of your company in the process.   After all….it is YOUR company.

And if you’re NOT running a business now, or in the future……we’re going to go out on a limb to say that money is still pretty important!  (Try paying your next set of bills without it.)  Don’t worry.  Raja will have some guidance for you as well.