Episode 38 (Featuring Timothy Thyreen & Dennis Wilke)

Raja returns live to the Your American Story studio, and while he’ll spend some time discussing what he learned during his recent visit back home to India, the main focus of the show is what we’re learning, whether or not we’re truly being served by our educational system, and how effective our colleges and universities really are when it comes to preparing the American workforce for the future.  

-Raja looks at the educational opportunities that are out there for students who have graduated high school and want to continue their education, as he talks with Timothy Thyreen, the current Chancellor (and longtime President) of 
Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania.  Timothy discusses the ways that colleges like Waynesburg have adapted to changes in the educational marketplace, in order to provide the most “bang for the buck” for college students.  Plus, he discusses the measures that are in place to track the effectiveness of colleges when it comes to serving the needs of the student body.

-Plus, Raja explores alternatives to “traditional” collegiate education, as he talks with Dennis Wilke, President of 
Rosedale Technical Institute.  Dennis discusses the role that Rosedale, and other trade schools, play in bridging the gap between high-school education and “real world” job opportunities in many professional sectors not addressed by many four-year college and university programs.