Episode 61 (Featuring Stan Sheetz)

All in the Family:  How Stan Sheetz Revolutionized the Business That Bears His Name

For over 40 years, Altoona, PA-based Sheetz had established itself as one of the most successful convenience store chains throughout the State of Pennsylvania, growing from one store, opened in 1952 by Bob Sheetz, to over 100 stores, under the leadership of Bob and his brother, Steve Sheetz.
Along the way, Sheetz proved itself to be ahead of the curve when it came to keeping up with the fast-paced changes, and the economic ups and downs, that faced the fuel industry throughout the decades, not to mention the advancements made within the convenience store itself.

Within the Sheetz family, Bob was grooming his son, Stan, to take over the business, but not without paying his dues first, as he had to prove his worth, initially at such levels as salesperson, store manager, truck driver, and maintenance technician.  After honing his business skills in New York City for a few years, Stan returned to the company in the corporate office, serving as Executive Vice President of Finance and Executive Vice President of Operations.

When it became time for the transition, in 1995, NOBODY could have expected what came next.

Under Stan’s leadership as President and CEO, Sheetz has experienced remarkable growth, growing to over 430 stores in six states.  The Pennsylvania-based chain has gained national acclaim, via a recent article in Forbes Magazine, and inclusion on Fortune Magazine’s 2014 “Best Companies To Work For” list, checking in at #87, the only Pennsylvania-based company to make the list. Through it all, Stan Sheetz knows such success isn’t possible without good people, and family (literally, in the case of Sheetz, as five Sheetz family members serve on the Executive Committee).

Stan Sheetz discusses the story of Sheetz, and what has made it so successful, as the Keynote Speaker at the 16th Annual Entrepreneurs Growth Conference at Duquesne University on Thursday, June 5, 2014.  But first, he checks in live with Raja on this  edition of “Your American Story” Radio.