Episode 39 (Featuring Alan Robertson & Ray Carter)

“The Times They Are a Changin’”

When Bob Dylan wrote that lyric some 50 years ago, he meant it as a communal anthem to describe the sweeping transformation that was taking place in American society at the time. What he didn’t know back then was that it would be the perfect description of American media in 2013. No longer do consumers hungry for news need to wait for the 6 PM news or the morning paper. If you miss your favorite television or radio show, you’re not obligated to wait until the rerun is aired, not to mentioned the fact that you’re not even tethered to the information and entertainment options that the networks present to you anymore. Over the past 20 years, the internet as emerged as a significant game changer in the way media is produced and consumed all over the world.

So what is “traditional” media doing about it?

Raja talks with the heads of two local media providers who have faced a crossroads when it comes to adapting to the sea change in the media marketplace.

-”Print is Dead.”

With those three words (in context) leading the way, Alan Robertson, the Publisher of the Pittsburgh Business Times, last week ushered in a new era for the weekly business newspaper. Robertson is overseeing a complete overhaul of the publication, with the specific purpose of adapting to the way consumers receive their news. Having done extensive research on what the internet has meant to what had been a successful weekly print medium, Robertson is changing everything from the way that their online platform breaks business news in real time to the way their weekly print edition puts meat on the bone of the headlines in a way that benefits the end user. He talks with Raja about the PBT’s changes, what brought them about, and the impact he thinks the new format will have on the way that business news is presented in Pittsburgh.

-Print media isn’t the only media sector that is feeling a pinch from the internet these days. The radio and television industries are feeling it, too, as there are now more options than ever for consumers to get their visual and audio information and entertainment. The networks have gone above and beyond to ensure that favorite shows are not missed and that exclusive content is plentiful, but where does this strategy leave the local affiliates? Raja talks with Ray Carter, the Vice President and General Manager of WPXI TV, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, about what the station is doing to adapt to the numerous changes that the internet is bringing about to the way business is conducted.