Episode 69 – Featuring Juergen Fritsch & Bob Faletti

“Lost in Translation” No More:  How Juergen Fritsch Has Reinvented the Process of Medical Dictation
Anybody who has spent time receiving treatment in a hospital, no matter the reason or the severity, knows that one of the most important responsibilities the medical staff can be summed up in three words:

Get It Right

Often, one of the hurdles in this objective is the process of medical dictation, and ensuring that the doctor’s orders and recommendations are clear, concise, manageable and shareable throughout the medical network in place to get you back to health.  There is critical data present in this process that can be severely damaging if it is just off by a slight amount.

Enter Juergen Fritsch.  Fritsch is a nationally-recognized thought leader in the field of medical speech technology, having founded a pair of pioneering companies in this field, Interactive Systems Inc., followed by MultiModal Technologies (now M*Modal).  In 2013, Speech Technology Magazine named Fritsch one of its “Speech Luminary” award recipients for the remarkable strides he had made in the healthcare industry in the field of speech technology.

On this episode, Juergen Fritsch joins Raja to discuss his remarkable career, the technology behind the capture and analysis of clear, effective human speech patterns, and what lies ahead for his company, and the industry as a whole.

-As part of this show, we pose a question to you that may be critical to determine whether or not your company can rise above the competition to reach that elusive “next level”:

How effective are your social media and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies?

Marketing is a whole new ballgame in the age of social media. Content is king, and knowing what content you need to put out, how frequently you put that content out, and to whom you are targeting that content are essential in devising effective social media and search engine optimization strategies that reach your target market without breaking the bank in the process.

But where do you start?

To help wade through the rough waters of social media and SEO, Raja enlists the help of one of the country’s premier experts, Bob Faletti of Blue Archer. Bob joins Raja to discuss how you can tell whether or not your social media and SEO strategies are working, and if not, what you can do right now to boost your social media and SEO profiles in the online marketplace.