Episode 25 – Featuring Chuck Sanders & Michael O’Neill

The road to business success can often be a long, arduous one, with many challenges along the way. On today’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja interviews two successful business leaders whose stories can serve to be inspirational to anybody looking to reach the next level with his or her current endeavors. -It didn’t take Chuck Sanders long after his NFL career wound down to make a successful tradition to the business world. The former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, after a way stop in the realty industry, has thrived in the beverage and hospitality realm, as one of the team behind Fever, a Pennsylvania-basd line of energy drinks, and as the owner of the Savoy Restaurant, an upscale dining establishment located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Chuck talks with Raja about his remarkable story, how he was able to take the lessons he learned on the gridiron and applied them to the boardroom, and how he was able to enjoy post-NFL success that many of his peers have been unable to replicate. -Operating a successful business is challenging enough for any aspiring entrepreneur, but how about for one who has already endured a battle with cancer? When Michael O’Neill was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, it was during his recovery, a period which included four chemotherapy treatments, that Michael decided to use that experience to help others. Today, Michael is the founder of GetWellNetwork, a website geared to helping improve the engagement between customer and patient. Michael and Raja discuss Michael’s amazing journey, as well as preview Michael’s upcoming discussion at the “My Story” event, presented by TIE Pittsburgh, on Thursday, August 22. For more information on this event, visit TiePittsburgh’s website.