Episode 141 – Featuring Dr. John Mahoney and Pete DeComo

Innovation and Medicine:   An Inside Look At Pittsburgh’s OTHER Confluence

For decades, the City of Pittsburgh has long been recognized as one of the American bastions of medicine and innovation.  Boasting a history that features innovative pioneers such as Jonas Salk and Thomas Starzl, Pittsburgh, and its stellar reputation for its “meds and eds” has successfully transitioned its business and economic platforms into ones that have the region primed for a lucrative, successful future.

On this Sunday’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja welcomes a pair of Western Pennsylvania leaders who have devoted their professional careers to furthering the bond between medicine and innovation for the greater good of advancing the region’s profile with regard to both sectors.

First, Raja talks with John Mahoney, the Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

As one of the leaders who shapes the curriculum and the academic direction of one of the foremost medical institutions in the country, Dr. Mahoney (pictured above with Raja in the University’s Medical Simulation Lab) is constantly on the cutting edge of what tomorrow’s medical leaders need to know in order to build upon the remarkable advancements that have been made thus far in medical education.

On this show, Dr. Mahoney talks with Raja about the importance of implementing an iterative approach to medical education, in order to keep up with the rapid advancements in medical technology.  Plus, he’ll discuss what lies ahead when it comes to medical innovation, and when we can expect to see this innovation come to fruition.

-Plus, we’ll talk with Pete DeComo, CEO of ALung. and one of the region’s foremost entrepreneurs in the medical sector, thanks to founding the immensely successful Pittsburgh-based company Renal Solutions, which he sold to Fresenius for $200 million in 2007.  His acclaim with both companies has earned him many awards, including the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year”  award for the Healthcare sector in 2008.  ALung, a firm that specializes in the development and manufacturing of artificial lungs designed to help those whose actual lungs are malfunctioning, is one of the many companies that experts point to as a driver for Pittsburgh’s medical business community.   On this show, Raja talks with Pete DeComo about the remarkable strides he has made in the medical industry, and what lies ahead for this revolutionary entrepreneur.

This show is an absolute must for anybody who wants to hear about what the medical innovators who call the City of Pittsburgh home are doing to, literally, save lives, not to mention propel the region’s profile as a national, if not global, leader when it comes to medicine and innovation.