Episode 64 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 3

Things are heating up now!

Last week, as part of our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature on Your American Story Radio, listeners heard the pitches from two remarkable local entrepreneurs, Bill Kaigler of New Care Solutions, and Mike Lang of NanoVision Diagnostics.    Culled from the portfolio of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, these two entrepreneurs demonstrated why their companies are two leading-edge businesses that have bright futures as part of the Western Pennsylvania life sciences sector.

In addition to pitching their companies, they withstood the direct lines of questioning from our judges, James Jordan from the PLSG Accelerator Fund, Ned Renzi of Birchmere Ventures, and Mike Stubler of Draper Triangle Ventures.

-Now, it’s on to Week Two, where we feature two NEW entrepreneurs pitching their companies. This week, we feature the following entrepreneurs:

Urmi Ashar (Advanced Technology Healthcare Solutions)

Advanced Technology Healthcare Solutions (ATHS) is a bioinformatics company that focuses on reducing adverse drug reactions and improving prescription drug effectiveness for patients aged 50 and older, and children aged 18 and under.  Results from ATHS’s individual genetic test are combined with the most current biomedical information to produce an actionable personalized report called MySafeMeds.  Physicians and consumers use the insights from this report to personalize their prescriptions to help improve outcomes from treatment.

Rick Cancelliere (Treatspace)

Treatspace specializes in leading edge clinical social software that connects patients, providers, and practices to optimize patient engagement, clinical collaboration, and referral management.

-Both Urmi and Rick serve up the perfect pitches to the judges, and the judges fire back with some penetrating questions about the companies that just might put the entrepreneurs on their toes.  Hear the action for yourself this Sunday on Your American Story Radio.

And after hearing the entrepreneurs pitch, it’s YOUR turn!  Go to YourAmericanStory.com to the Running With the Bulls section to find out more about the entrepreneurs, listen to the pitches, and determine for yourself who had the better pitch.  Cast your vote, and it will be tabulated in order to determine who had the most popular pitch, and who will receive the $2,500 cash prize.   Voting for this week’s contestants will begin at 4 PM on Sunday.