Episode 88 – The Callers Sound Off!!!

This Week, We Put the Show In YOUR Hands…So It’s YOUR Turn To Sound Off!

Being the shrewd entrepreneur that he is, one critical thing that Raja has learned about business is the importance of listening to what the market wants.

The same holds true for being a shrewd radio host, and with almost two years of “The Raja Show” under his belt, Raja is fast becoming attuned to what a host must do in order to be successful.

In short, when it comes to talking…. he listened.

And while, by and large, our audience gains information, motivation, and inspiration from the great guests who have joined Raja on the show to discuss their stories of success on a weekly basis, there are those who have told us that one thing is missing:  participation.

And yes, we DO get great calls on the show from those who want to express their thoughts about what’s going on with their business, or the current state of the economy. And there are those who are eager to pick the brain of one of the most successful business leaders in Western Pennsylvania about how THEY can be more successful when it comes to their business or their finances.

But for every one of those callers who have joined us on the show, there are many more who haven’t been able to get through due to time constraints.

For those callers who have felt the pinch over the past few months, this  show is for YOU!

We’ll be open all hour to hear your calls about the issues that are blocking your path to business and financial success.  You’ll be able to talk one-on-one with Raja, who will aim to provide an answer to your questions, and to engage in the thoughtful, reasonable discussion of the issues that impact all of us, topics that truly matter, and that are often missing in the current landscape of talk radio.

And if you don’t want to join us on the air, you can always sit back, relax, and listen to the people in your businesses and communities discussing the issues and providing the solutions that directly affect all of us.