Episode 138 – Featuring A Look At Raja’s Commencement Speech At Waynesburg University

“What’s Important In Life?”:  Looking Back At Raja’s Commencement Address At Waynesburg University

Last Sunday, May 1, was a banner day in the storied career of Raja, as the host of “The Raja Show” presented the commencement address to over 500 graduating students (with thousands more friends and family looking on) to honor the Class of 2016 at Waynesburg University.  In addition to making Raja’s dynamic, high-energy presentation possible, the school also bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

While these honors reflect the high esteem in which the University holds Raja, regular listeners to “The Raja Show” are fully aware that the feeling is mutual.  Through the year, the show has featured insightful discussions between Raja and Waynesburg University faculty, students, and Chancellor Timothy Thyreen. (As a reminder, you can catch these and other such discussions on our audio archive page.)  For Raja, the school’s emphasis on character and achievement above all else are firmly in sync with the principles that have driven his successful personal and professional life.

On this  edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja reflects on that honor, talking about what that experience meant to him, and his family, especially with regard to his upbringing in his native India.  In addition, you’ll get to hear Raja’s commencement address in its entirety, as well as an in-depth discussion between Raja and Waynesburg University Presidnt Douglas Lee about the values and mission that not only define Waynesburg University, but also separate it from other schools in the Western Pennsylvania region..