Episode 80 – Featuring Regis McKenna

The One Behind the Ones Who Made Silicon Valley What It Is Today:  Inside the Mind of Regis McKenna

Apple.  Microsoft.  Electronic Arts.  AOL.  Compaq.

Over the past 40 years, these names have come to define tech culture in the United States, if not throughout the world.

But, like even the smallest tech startup, they all had to start somewhere, and, frankly, none of them would have gotten to market, en route to achieving what they achieved, without the unique, masterful vision of one man.

Regis McKenna.

The man who has been hailed by many as the preeminent marketing guru of the Silicon Valley has set the standard for what it takes for a tech company to rise above the noise in order to be heard in the marketplace.   Throughout his 50-plus year career, hundreds of companies, including the aforementioned quintet of tech giants, have sought his advice and guidance when creating the path to market domination.

His 1985 best-seller, “The Regis Touch”, serves as a blueprint for what companies of any size need to do in order to move forward in the marketplace.   And almost 30 years (and countless books and writings) later, his insights on the world of business and technology STILL carry substantial weight among the heavy hitters of tech around the world.

On this edition of The Raja Show, Raja and Regis go one-on-one to discuss Regis’ remarkable career, the experience of being on the proverbial “ground floor” with the likes of Jobs, Wozniak and Gates, his role in the creation of the iconic Apple logo, and his thoughts on what companies need to do in 2014 in order to grow and sustain themselves in the fast-changing world of tech.