Episode 130 – Featuring Rita McGrath (Columbia University)

Want Your Company To Return To Its Entrepreneurial Roots?  Columbia University Professor Rita McGrath Says It’s All Mental!





Home Depot.

We all know the names that we tend to think of when we rattle off the list of the most successful giant companies in the U.S.  You can probably add your own to the list, and find ten people who can agree with your additions.

But what  ELSE do they all have in common?

They were all started by entrepreneurs.  Risk takers.  Folks who entered into these ventures with a fearless, “damn the torpedoes”, never-say-die attitude that saw them through truly lean times in the early days of each of these companies.  Going days…weeks…. months…..even years without seeing a dime for any of their blood, sweat, and tears.

Now think about the last time you stepped foot into one of these brick and mortar locations,or engaged in online customer service interaction, with these or other large-scale companies.  Does it seem like ANY of the sacrifices laid out in the previous paragraph matter at all to the first two or three people you come across who represent the company?

Sure, there are exceptions, but according to Rita McGrath, therein lies the problem facing many medium- and large-size businesses. The great majority of these companies get too big for comfort, and the entrepreneurial spirit that once propelled these companies has become lost on most of the employee base, who are “just there for the paycheck.”

But the best-selling business author and Columbia University professor, hailed by “Thinkers 50″ as one of the foremost business thinkers in the world sees a turnaround on the horizon for these companies.  All they need to do is change the way they think, from the top-down..  For McGrath, it begins and ends with what she calls “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”, or the idea that EVERY idea, methodology, and process, (and, yes, person) in your company is up for constant reevaluation and reinvigoration.   If McGrath’s theory has its way, this return to form will do wonders for your company.

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Rita McGrath talks with Raja about why, with apologies to George Carlin’s signature standup bit, “But we’ve always done it this way” are the REAL seven dirty words you should never say in your business. Plus, she’ll discuss many of her other business and leadership axioms that have earned her global acclaim as one of the most sought-after speakers, writers, and thought leaders on all things business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to find that missing spark in your company or an employee looking to make an impact that actually matters in your company, this show is a MUST for you!