Episode 117 – Featuring Pennsylvania State Senator Joe Scarnati

As Trump and Fiorina Continue To Dominate the Headlines, It’s Time To Ask:  Can Business Success REALLY Translate To the Political Arena?  We Talk To A Leader Who Has Made The Leap

In recent years, it seems that one of the biggest hurdles that many politicians face come election time is that they are, in fact, politicians.

(Or to use the more prevalent vernacular, “CAREER politicians”.)

Look no further than the current hoopla surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election, particularly on the Republican side, as proof that the landscape is changing when it comes to WHO we seek out to lead us.  Pretty much any current poll you will find reflects real estate magnate (among other things) Donald Trump at the top, mere percentage points ahead of neurosurgeon Ben Carson, with former HP CEO Carly Fiorina surging up the polls, thanks in large part to a pair of strong performances in the first two party debates.

In the cases of Trump and Fiorina, their successes have pundits reexamining one of the most prevalent questions asked when considering what it takes to make the policy necessary to lead a country:  Can government be run like a business?

With the Presidential aspirations of Trump and FIorina at the forefront, and outgoing House Speaker John Boehner, himself a business leader before entering the political arena, dominating the headlines, the spotlight once again shines on the idea of business leaders as politicians.

They’re not alone, as there are many politicians on a federal, state, and local level who boast extensive business leadership experience prior to serving their constituents.  Often, these leaders, much like Trump and Fiorina, bring a fresh look at what may be a stale, stagnant political climate, a perspective that has been battle-tested through years, if not decades, of successful execution in the private sector, and one that can often resonate loudly among a jaded voter base.

Currently in the State of Pennsylvania, the president pro-tempore of the State Senate, Joe Scarnati, is among the many political leaders who boast time at the helm of a successful business, running the family restaurant for years, before entering politics.  Scarnati uses that private sector experience to bring a unique perspective to the decisions he makes on a daily basis in office, decisions that aren’t often popular ones, especially ones involving the oft-discussed and debated Pennsylvania State Budget.

On Sunday’s edition of “The Raja Show”, Senator Scarnati checks in with Raja, (himself, don’t forget, a successful entrepreneur who has served atop his local municipality and has campaigned for higher office) to discuss the idea of business leader-as-policy maker, and what sets those folks apart from their colleagues.  Plus, as the continued discussion of Pennsylvania’s State Budget rolls along, Senator Scarnati will give us an inside look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of what can often be heated negotiations, and the impact these negotiations will have on the citizens,and businesses, of Pennsylvania.