Episode 30 (“Running With the Bulls” – Part 1)


After weeks of buildup and last Sunday’s preview show, it’s time for the first two contestants in our groundbreaking “Running With the Bulls” feature to show their stuff! On this Sunday’s edition of “Your American Story”, Raja moderates a pair of pitches from REAL entrepreneurs, in need of REAL funding, who talk to REAL venture capitalists (Roger Byford of the BlueTree Venture Fund, Mel Pirchesky of Eagle Ventures, and Alicia McGinnis of the Audrey’s Kitchen Venture Fund), who will serve as our judges. Plus, Raja lays out what listeners can expect, and explain some of the heady terminology that may get thrown around over the next few weeks. This ground-breaking radio series (a radio “Shark Tank”, if you will) can inspire ANYBODY in our listening audience to take the leap to converting that idea into a reality.