Episode 44 (Featuring Jack Tumpson & Scott Hammond)

-In Western Pennsylvania, just as in the rest of the United States, entrepreneurship is a driving force that continually propels our culture forward every day.  (Don’t think so?  Think about how you’re reading this message, and the entrepreneurs who were involved in the process of transmitting this message from the staff of Your American Story radio to you, just as an example.  Was this even possible 20 years ago?)  But what makes entrepreneurs different?  And can entrepreneurship be taught?   Regular listeners of Your American Story know that Raja draws a lot of inspiration for the show from The American Entrepreneur, the late Ron Morris, who, in addition to being a successful entrepreneur, was also the Founding Director of the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Duquesne University, and as such, wrestled constantly with the question of “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”  This Sunday, Raja talks with another professor of entrepreneurship, Scott Hammond, a professor at the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, about who entrepreneurs really are, what makes them tick, and how, despite their status and leaders and drivers of business and the economy, they are akin to people who are lost in the woods, doing what they must to ensure survival.

-Recently, Raja discussed the question of “Is print dead?” with Alan Robertson of the Pittsburgh Business Times.  And while the business publication has found ways to adapt to the changes in the newspaper industry, is the future of print equally as pressing an issue for the magazine industry?  Raja talks with Jack Tumpson, the Publisher of Whirl Magazine, about Jack’s remarkable story, how a concert promoter found himself atop a successful suite of magazines in 2014, what sets Whirl apart from other options on the magazine rack, and what the future holds for not only Whirl, but the magazine industry in general.