Episode 63 – Running With the Bulls II – Week 2

It’s back…..

After hearing from our three judges, James Jordan of the PLSG Accelerator Fund, Ned Renzi of Birchmere Ventures, and Mike Stubler of Draper Triangle Ventures, as well as John Manzetti of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, last week to kick off the second iteration of our “Running With the Bulls ” radio feature, this week, it’s time to hear from the first pair of entrepreneurs, who will pitch their respective companies to Raja and the judges.  They’re looking to receive investment capital into their business, (not to mention win the popular vote portion of the competition, and the $2,500 cash prize that goes with it…..that’s where YOU come in).

This week, we feature the following entrepreneurs:

Bill Kaigler (New Care Solutions)

NewCare Solutions is the parent company behind the groundbreaking technology of the SilentAlert Monitor.  The SilentAlert Monitor is the only system designed specifically for the Assisted Living and Memory Care Unit environments to help caregivers better manager their residents and maintain their comfort, safety, and high quality of life.

Mike Lang (NanoVision Diagnostics)

NanoVision Diagnostics (NVD) is commercializing a breakthrough cancer detection technology.  The system detects cancer earlier and more accurately than current techniques.  Additionally, it can identify which pre-cancerous lesions are likely to progress to cancer.   Predicting rich progression guides the use of cancer prevention therapies, which are demonstrated to prevent cancers.

NVD is a breakthrough cancer detection technology.  It has 1000 times the sensitivity of an optical microscope, allowing it to detect molecular changes in nuclear structure, which are not detectable by conventional pathology.  These molecular changes manifest prior to changes in cells, allowing earlier and more accurate cancer detection.

NVD technology is developed and has been extensively tested in 11 clinical studies on 1,000 patients.   These studies demonstrate its ability to detect cancer in multiple tissue types and to predict which pre-cancerous lesions will progress to cancer.  In all studies, NVD technology has been able to show early, more accurate cancer detection.

-Both Bill and Mike serve up the perfect pitches to the judges, and the judges fire back with some penetrating questions about the companies that just might put the entrepreneurs on their toes.  Hear the action for yourself this Sunday on Your American Story Radio.

And after hearing the entrepreneurs pitch, it’s YOUR turn!  Go to YourAmericanStory.com to the Running With the Bulls section to find out more about the entrepreneurs, listen to the pitches, and determine for yourself who had the better pitch.  Cast your vote, and it will be tabulated in order to determine who had the most popular pitch, and who will receive the $2,500 cash prize.