Episode 144 – Featuring Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner

This Week, Raja Talks With a Successful Businessman Who Defied the Experts and Beat the Establishment In Order To Succeed In the Political Arena. 

(OK….maybe not THAT one….)

Ever since he first started his own business at the age of 20, Scott Wagner had dedicated his entire career to starting and growing businesses, providing jobs and opportunities for Pennsylvania residents and growing the Pennsylvania State economy, through his businesses, including Penn Waste  and KBS Trucking.

As his businesses grew, so did Scott’s disillusionment at the increased burdens that government, be it local, state and federal, places on business owners such as himself, through taxation and legislation.

But just as Scott didn’t succeed in business by standing still, he decided to take a stand against what he saw as an onerous, systemic flaw, and do something about it.

In 2010, Scott spent a considerable amount of his own money to purchase ads in Pennsylvania newspapers, as well as television and direct mail, urging voters to join him in supporting not a named candidate per se, but instead a pro-business ticket.

Four years later, Scott upped the ante.

When the incumbent State Senator of Pennsylvania’s 28th District declined a re-election bid for the seat in March of 2014, Scott threw his name into the ring for consideration when a special election to fill the seat was held.   Two months later, Scott Wagner was victorious in that effort in a landslide (the first such win for a write-in candidate in the history of Pennsylvania’s State legislature), and has served that district as its Senator ever since.

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Scott Wagner talks with Raja about his story, and how his background as an entrepreneur has shaped his vision for prosperity and growth in Pennsylvania through the lens of somebody who can make an impact from a government role.  Plus, he discusses some of the pressing issues currently holding court in Harrisburg, including the capital’s perpetual “elephant in the room”, the Pennsylvania State Budget.

Whether it’s because of his “outsider” status or his common sense approach to policy legislation in Harrisburg, Scott Wagner has emerged as one of the shining stars in the Pennsylvania State legislature.  This show is a must-listen for anybody who wants to hear straight talk about what is REALLY going on in Harrisburg, and what Pennsylvania’s lawmakers AND citizens can do to collectively improve the State’s overall quality of life.  And it all takes place LIVE, starting at 11 AM on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.  And you can always catch us online or via interactive podcast on TalkShoe.