Episode 129 – Featuring Joseph Jaffe (Jaffe Juice, Evol8tion)

Want To Re-Engergize Your Company’s Approach To Marketing and Promotion? According to Joseph Jaffe, All It Takes Is a Little “Juice”!

If Joseph Jaffe had his way, no night out at a local restaurant with friends or family would be complete without “The Stack”.

The rules are simple.  Before your meal, take out your portable technology (cell phones, tablets, etc.)   Put them in a pile at the center of the table (a.k.a. “The Stack”).  The first person to touch his or her device during the meal, for any reason, pays for the entire tab.

(Sound easy?  Try it next time you go out.  See what happens!)

Jaffe points to this social experiment with a disapproving finger, noting how all-encompassing these technologies have been in all of our lives on a daily basis.  So based on that, you can safely assume that Jaffe would share that antipathy towards tech gadgetry in all facets of his life, right?

Wrong!   When it comes to technology, Joseph Jaffe doesn’t have antipathy.  Just a sense of perspective.

In fact, Joseph Jaffe has made a career of embracing technology, especially when comes to helping nationally recognized companies such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Time-Warner Cable, ABSOLUT Vodka, Embassy Suites, and many others find new ways to get their messages out to a marketplace that, by and large, has “been there, done that” when it comes to hearing what these companies have to say.

His current startup, Evol8tion (not a typo), specializes in the matchmaking of established brands with startup innovation to infuse a unique entrepreneurial energy into these brands, to help them reach new markets and audiences.  These pairings have gone a long way towards breaking the tacit “we’ve ALWAYS done it this way” mentality of some of the foremost brands in America, while giving startups that boast groundbreaking technology, sans the platform on which to show it, the opportunity that they have been craving.

One of the foremost thought leaders in the world when it comes to new media and innovation, Jaffe is on the cutting edge when it comes to getting the word out about a company in ways that, not only would many not have ever considered, but in ways that are accessible and feasible right now.  In Jaffe’s world, gone are the days of the “old school” 30-second TV or radio spot, and in its place are methodologies that take advantage of the level playing fields of social media and word of mouth.

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Joseph Jaffe talks with Raja about the ways that marketing and advertising are changing constantly in our society, and how the methodology that got your business to where it’s at right now may not necessarily hold up when it’s time to reach the next level.  Plus with the “Super Bowl of Advertising” (a.k.a…..The Super Bowl) just over two weeks away, we’ll talk about what the companies that are shelling out millions for a 30-second ad should be doing OUTSIDE of the Big Game to maximize their ROI.

Time to face facts:  the marketing game is changing.  And tuning into this discussion with Joseph Jaffe is the first step to seeing what lies ahead,whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or just an innocent bystander watching it all unfold.