Episode 55 (Featuring Harry Geyer & Matt Brouillette)

One Entrepreneur.  Three Businesses.   How Does Harry Geyer Keep It Together?

One of the defining traits of any entrepreneur is the ability to seek and accept new challenges as they emerge in business.  For Harry Geyer, he has done just that, as the owner of Geyer Construction, a Pittsburgh-based construction company….and the owner of Pittsburgh Pine Floors, a business that reclaims wood from dilapidated and demolished buildings for reuse in construction projects….AND the owner of The Wheel Mill, an 80,000 square foot indoor bike park, located in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh.

Keeping these businesses straight is an extreme challenge, to be sure, but Harry wouldn’t want it any other way.  Thanks to a newfound ability to delegate, and to prioritize what issues matter in his company RIGHT NOW, and what can wait a bit before being acted upon, and to maintain a healthy work/life balance, Harry is on the right track (pardon the pun) to business success.

How does Harry manage to keep it all together?  And what lessons can the owner of just ONE business take away from Harry’s day-to-day experience?  Here, Harry talks with Raja about what he does to keep all three companies running as smoothly as possible, without the usual hiccups and pitfalls that can doom a business to failure.

-The 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election is the political race that is dominating the State’s political landscape as we gear up for a heated political season.

But what about the Pennsylvania State Legislature activity in Harrisburg that ISN’T getting as much publicity?  And if you’re a Pennsylvania resident, how does this activity impact your everyday life?

That’s where one of Pennsylvania’s foremost political watchdogs, Matt Brouillette of theCommonwealth Foundation for Policy Alternatives, steps in.  Today, Matt talks with Raja about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pennsylvania politics, including the Paycheck Protection measures currently in play in Harrisburg, and what these measures could mean for YOUR paycheck.