Episode 89 – The Callers Sound Off…..Again!

Last Week, We Put the Show in Your Hands…..This Week, We KEEP It There!

We weren’t sure how well it was going to work.

Sure, up until last week’s show, we had taken a few of your calls on The Raja Show, but we had traditionally been a guest-driven show that takes a call or two once we were done with the guest segment.

But we figured it was time to give an “open talk” format a shot, to give you the chance to share your thoughts on Raja’s insights on what’s driving the economy, on a global scale, a national scale, and your personal scale.

And you responded!  

Not only did many of you step up your game with calls, they were GOOD calls.  (And we know that in talk radio, there IS a difference.)  You didn’t just blindly discuss issues like the falling price of gas and other economic issues.  You shared insights with Raja as to WHY these issues were happening, how long they will impact us, and what we can do on an individual level to manage these issues.

This Sunday, we’re going to do it again.  We’re going to feature another hour of nothing but calls from you, the audience.   In case you missed out on last week’s opportunity to sound off about the issues on your mind, this is YOUR chance to let Raja know that you’re out there, and you’re on board with what he’s saying.

And if you’re not on board?  Well, you can rest assured Raja is always up for a healthy debate!

(And in the interest of full disclosure, we did postpone a confirmed one-on-one interview with one of the biggest business names in the country to keep the open talk flowing….that’s how much Raja wants to engage with you this week!)