Episode 120 – Featuring a Preview of TEDxYouth@Shadyside

You Say You Want A Revolution:  An Inside Look At What It Takes To Prepare a City For the Future, and the Enterprising High School Student Making It Happen

When it comes to revolutions, the City of Pittsburgh seems like it’s front and center.  From the role that Fort Pitt played in the American Revolution through the City’s burgeoning steel industry fueling the Industrial Revolution, to its own revolution into one of the foremost hubs of “meds and eds” in the country, Pittsburgh has constantly been a place where change happens.

And if Shaan Fye has his way, it’s about to change again.

Fye’s accomplishments, including launching the Atlas Business Journal, a business news site geared towards Millenials, and securing the coveted license to produce TedX talks in the Pittsburgh area, belie the fact that he’s still in high school, as a Senior in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside Academy.

As a lifelong Pittsburgh resident, Fye sees what Pittsburgh is, and, more importantly, what it could be.  And, even as a teenager, he has made it his mission to do something about it.   Last year, he received a license from TED to produce a TEDx event, and through his hard work and dedication to raising awareness of what Pittsburgh can be, TEDxYouth@Shadyside will be a reality on Saturday, December 5, 2015.

The event, which takes place at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, brings together many of the entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators who are hell-bent on taking the City of Pittsburgh on a whole new level.  (Among the many distinguished leaders who will be presenting at the event is a certain radio host who you could say is doing the same thing with his show., who will serve as the emcee for the proceedings).

This Sunday, Shaan Fye joins Raja to discuss the upcoming TEDxYouth@Shaydisde event, including a look at what attendees can expect, and what it took for Shaan to undertake such an endeavor.  Also, Raja will talk with another one of the presenters at the TEDxYouth@Shadyside event, Priya Narasimhan, the CEO and Founder of YinzCam, a Pittsburgh-based tech firm behind over 140 apps used by many sports leagues and organizations, including the NFL and NBA, to enhance the user experience of those who are on-site. Priya will discuss the story of her company, her plans for future success, and the role that innovation plays in establishing Pittsburgh as a world leader in the business sector.