Episode 148 (10/06/2018) – Featuring John Henne (Henne Jewlers)

Four Generations…..130 Years….And Counting:  How John Henne’s Business Remains the Crown Jewel of Its Field

For those who have experienced “The Big Day”, there is perhaps no more everlasting centerpiece of the proceedings than the wedding ring itself.  The exchange of the rings and the ensuing vows between husband and wife marks the beginning of a new chapter of married life….
(….and the culmination of months and months of stress and aggravation that planning for said Big Day entails….but mostly the “new chapter” part)
As the fourth generation owner of Henne Jewelers, a leading Pittsburgh jewelry retailer based in large part on its specialty wedding rings, John Henne recognizes that a successful marriage is more than just picking out the right ring.
Far more.
That’s why, among other initiatives, John established the “To Have and To Hold” program in his store.  Couples that shop for the ring at Henne don’t just get that ring, but also the incentivisation to make the marriage last, from giving the couple books on marital advice to purchase discounts if the couple seeks out pre-marital counseling.
Even if, to John, “til death do us part” means “no repeat business”, it’s a trade-off he’s willing to make for the sake of doing his part to ensure the lifelong happiness of the couple.  This level of kindness is innate in John Henne, just as it was for his father before him, and his grandfather, and his great grandfather, RJ Henne, who founded Henne Jewelers in 1887.
And as John carries on the family tradition (with hopes….but no pressure….that maybe, just maybe…. one of his young sons will carry on the business), he does it with the reputation of kindness and generosity that has become synonymous with the Henne name.
On this edition of “The Raja Show”, John talks with Raja about his story, and his family’s story, and the values that have been passed down along the way, values that have enabled Henne to be a true industry leader and innovator in the jewelry industry.
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