Episode 43 (Featuring Mark Dudash & Tom Baker)

On this edition of Your American Story Radio, we bring 2013 to a close, as Raja talks with a pair of local leaders, one from the business realm, and one from the political sector, who both have interesting stories to share, ones from which you will learn and be inspired.

-For many males who hit his 40′s and 50′s (if not sooner), “mid-life” crisis sets in, and the behavior that can result can be anywhere from extreme physical activity to the purchase of a dream car that the man has always had his eyes on.  For Upper St. Clair attorney Mark Dudash, a nostalgist at heart, he had already “been there, done that” with the car thing, having purchased and maintained a fire engine red Corvette, but he wanted something bigger (and NOT something with a souped-up engine…).  In 2010, Mark traded in his car to take the gamble of a lifetime, by embarking on a mission to revive Duquesne Beer, a beer that long been a PIttsburgh institution, but one that had been dormant for decades.  So far, the results have been sensational, with the new/old brew having not only rekindled a flame for longtime beer drinkers, but also having found a new market with younger patrons as well.  Mark talks with Raja about his story, why he decided to revive Duquesne Beer, and what lies ahead for the company.

-When we last checked in with Tom Baker, the leadership expert and executive with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh was embroiled in a heated political contest for a seat on the Allegheny County Council with Incumbent Matt Drozd in the run-up to the primary election.  Baker, having successfully vanquished Drozd in the primaries, and later, defeating his opponents in the general election to claim that seat, now looks ahead to 2014, a year that will bring widespread change to the region in terms of political leadership, with Baker positioned firmly in the thick of things.  Tom talks with Raja about his plans for Council, and the importance of being an effective leader, not only in the community, but on the homefront as well.