Episode 116 – Featuring Timothy Thyreen (Waynesburg University)

Character Counts:  How Timothy Thyreen Has Redefined the Purpose of a College Education Beyond the Mere Byproduct of a “Diploma Mill”

When considering what a college education means in 2015, popular opinion tends to quickly surge to the forefront of the conversation.

-Skyrocketing debt that cripples students earning potential right out of the gate. .

-Diplomas that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on when it comes to getting a worthwhile job right out of the gate.

-Students who make it through all four (or more) years of college and STILL don’t have the basic cognitive schools that most employers covet.

So what are college administrators to do, in order to combat the war on public perception?

For Timothy Thyreen, Chancellor of Waynesburg University, the answer lies in the revamped dedication of purpose for the school’s student body.  Under Thyreen’s leadership, both as Chancellor and President before that, the school has renewed its focus on the development of the character of the Waynesburg University student.   For Thyreen, it’s just as important that a student’s character be at or above the level of his or her academic proficiency.

The tremendous impact of Thyreen’s efforts has been felt campus-wide in the 25 years since Thyreen was appointed as the University’s President.  Not only did the school make the leap from “Waynesburg College” to “Waynesburg University”, the school has implemented master’s and doctorate programs, doubled its enrollment, added over twelve new buildings, and has enjoyed a vast enhancement in its standing among the elite institutions throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

And the accolades have extended far beyond the State of Pennsylvania’s borders.  According to a recent report, the school’s student default rate is among the lowest in the country, a remarkable accomplishment given the continuous rise in tuition throughout the U.S.

On this edition of “The Raja Show”, Raja examines the remarkable strides that Waynesburg University has made over the past 25 years as he talks with the man at the helm.  Timothy Thyreen discusses the school’s accomplishments, shares his philosophy of leadership, and reflects upon the principles he has instilled in the student body and faculty.