Episode 71 – Featuring Alan Laick

So it’s time for you to implement your plan to market to your target audience. Nowadays, of course, the top weapon in your arsenal to do this is more than likely going to be your website. But how do you know if your website is getting you the optimal results you need? And how can you structure your website to maximize the potential of the internet? On Sunday, we’ll talk with the owner of one of the premier web design and development firms in the region, Alan Laick of Laick Design, who will talk with Raja about the importance of effective web design and layout to get your message across to your audience. Plus, Alan will discuss the opportunities that are out there to strengthen your brand BEYOND your homepage, namely the development of an App for your product or service.

Also, Raja talks with KDKA Radio talk personality Rob Pratte about the business of radio, and how the emergence of social media has buoyed the channels through which traditional media (radio, TV, print) reach their audiences.