Episode 60 (Featuring Dan Mathews & Doug Moore

Profiling a Leading Entrepreneur Of Tomorrow, and Assessing Why “Obamacare” Matters

Like many entrepreneurs throughout the country, Dan Mathews spends considerable time every day making sure that the business he has owned and operated for the past two years, Mathews Automotive Detailing and Styling, runs smoothly and maximizes profitability.

Unlike many entrepreneurs throughout the country, Mathews is just 18 years old.

And while he obviously can’t put the time into the business that a full-time entrepreneur can, thanks primarily to his schoolwork, Mathews is on the fast track to startup success, due to hard work, perseverance, and a little luck. And these attributes have not gone unnoticed, as Mathews was recently named the Student Entrepreneur of the Year atPropel Schools, a locally owned and operated not-for-profit organization geared towards transforming public school education to the point where all children, regardless of family structure or income, have access to quality education.

Mathews, a Senior at Propel, is a determined young man who is well on his way to success, as his journey will take him to Rosedale Technical Institute in the Fall to study Diesel Technology.  But before that, he’ll stop by the Your American Story studio on Sunday to discuss his story with Raja, including how he was able to start his business, what motivates him to succeed, and the role that the mentors and leaders he has met along the way have played in his success.

-For years, we’ve heard the talk on both sides from the aisle about both sides of the discussion pertaining to the Affordable Care Act.  (a.k.a. “Obamacare”).

No matter where you stand on the issue, the fact is that it’s in place, and here to stay.  So what does it mean for employers and employees when it comes to providing health care coverage that meets the ever changing needs of individuals and families, at a price that won’t break the budget?

To help break down Obamacare and its impact on individuals and companies, we called on one of the foremost insurance industry experts you’ll find anywhere, Doug Moore of Seubert and Associates.  On Sunday, Doug discusses how the Affordable Care Act came to be, what employers and employees need to do to adjust to the changes, and what lies ahead for the healthcare industry as a result.