Roger Byford (BlueTree Capital Group)




Roger Byford Co-Founded and was Chief Technology Officer of Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voice solutions for mobile workers. Mr. Byford’s career spans more than 20 years in the industrial application of voice technologies.

Since the company’s inception in 1987, Mr. Byford has held numerous roles in the company, including Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer. He also led the company’s effort to broaden its market beyond the supply chain, and was the first President of Vocollect Healthcare Systems, the Vocollect business unit that is bringing the benefit of voice to the long-term care industry.

Prior to joining Vocollect, he was a member of the senior management team at Westinghouse Voice Systems, which was known for pioneering work in voice technology applications. He also worked for Westinghouse’s corporate Research and Development Center, where he collaborated to develop a voice-based access control system for apartment building elevators. Mr. Byford holds one United Kingdom and six U.S. patents, and earned his M.A. degree in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University.