Episode 82 – Featuring Overstock.com Founder/CEO Patrick Byrne

Sith Lords……Zombie Apocalypses….Overseeing a Billion Dollar, Publicly Traded Company…..All In a Day’s Work For Overstock.com Founder/CEO Patrick Byrne

It’s been said that a typical entrepreneur tends to live by his … Read the rest>

Episode 81 – Featuring Britt Beemer

Why Do We Buy What We Buy?  (…And Why Does Britt Beemer Know What That Is Before WE Do?)

If you’re looking for a telltale indicator of how things have … Read the rest>

Episode 80 – Featuring Regis McKenna

The One Behind the Ones Who Made Silicon Valley What It Is Today:  Inside the Mind of Regis McKenna

Apple.  Microsoft.  Electronic Arts.  AOL.  Compaq.

Over the past 40 years, … Read the rest>