Episode 148 (10/06/2018) – Featuring John Henne (Henne Jewlers)

Four Generations…..130 Years….And Counting:  How John Henne’s Business Remains the Crown Jewel of Its Field
For those who have experienced “The Big Day”, there is perhaps no more everlasting … Read the rest>

Episode 147 (9/30/18) – Featuring Ray Betler (Wabtec)

Edison…..Westinghouse…..Betler:  The 150-Year (And Counting) Evolution of Industry, and Leadership

When you read the headlines in 2018 about significant mergers (and potential mergers) in the world of business, you’re … Read the rest>

Episode 146 (9/15/18) – Featuring Dave Wilke (WIlke and Associates CPA) and David Taylor (Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association)

What Do President Trump’s Tax Cuts Mean For The Manufacturing Industry, And For You?


When President Trump signed off on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, it … Read the rest>