Episode 108 (Featuring Ray Zabourney – Maverick Strategies)

Is the World Getting Flatter?    Raja Shares Observations From His Trip Overseas, And What It Means For the U.S.

Many business and leadership experts point to Thomas Friedman’s landmark 2005 … Read the rest>

Episode 107 – Featuring a Look at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Entrepreneurship is Its Own Reward….But Sometimes, It’s Nice To Be Recognized: Inside The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

“To Follow My Passion”

“To Create Jobs and Make a Difference … Read the rest>

Episode 106 – Featuring Michael Casey (Wall Street Journal)

From Greece to Grads:  How Debt Impacts the World in Which We Live

Taking a look at the international headlines is not something on the forefront of the minds of … Read the rest>